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June 26, 2023

Top 10+ AI Tools for Social Media (SMM) in 2023

AI tools have become invaluable for managing social media platforms efficiently. These best tools employ AI algorithms to streamline processes, analyze data, and enhance engagement, enabling social media managers to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Top 10+ AI Tools for Social Media Management 2023

Types of AI SMM Tools

There are a few categories of AI-powered tools for social media management. Sentiment Analysis is one of them. It uses natural language processing algorithms to analyze social media content and determine the sentiment expressed within it. The tools within this category provide businesses with valuable insights into customer preferences and opinions by accurately gauging public sentiment. By monitoring and promptly responding to customer feedback, brands can address concerns and foster positive interactions effectively.

Image Recognition is another noteworthy AI tool. It leverages advanced deep learning techniques to automatically identify and categorize visual content shared on social media platforms. This capability proves especially beneficial for brands relying on visual marketing, such as the fashion or food industries. With Image Recognition, businesses can swiftly identify and engage with user-generated content, thus boosting brand visibility and cultivating a stronger online community.

Content Recommendation engines are also gaining popularity on social media. These tools utilize AI algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences, delivering personalized content suggestions. By tailoring content to individual users’ interests, brands can enhance user experience, increase engagement, and ultimately drive website traffic and conversions. Content Recommendation engines empower businesses to deliver relevant and timely content, maximizing the impact of their social media campaigns.


Powered by leading visual AI technology, Cortex offers businesses valuable insights to understand the drivers behind their content’s performance and uncover new growth opportunities. Cortex’s Visual Vocabulary feature recognizes the visual style that resonates with consumers in your industry.

One of the platform’s key features is the Content Audit, which allows you to identify the visual components and accompanying text that have the greatest impact on your brand’s performance. There is also the Competitive Content Audit feature, which helps you gain a competitive edge by analyzing what drives your competitor’s content.


  • Includes a comprehensive suite of tools that enable businesses to refine their social media strategies.
  • Helps to identify low performers, schedule updates, and find trends.
  • Analyzes colors, images, text and hashtags that drive the brand’s desired consumer behaviors.


  • Understanding the tool’s features effectively may require some training and familiarization.
  • No pricing information.


Hootsuite is a widely recognized AI-powered social media management tool that enables businesses to streamline and enhance their social media presence. With Hootsuite, users can schedule and manage posts across multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard. 

The AI capabilities of Hootsuite allow for automated post suggestions and content curation based on user preferences and industry trends. It also provides comprehensive analytics to track performance, engagement, and audience demographics, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions. Hootsuite’s collaboration features enable teams to work together efficiently and maintain a consistent brand voice across social channels.


  • Offers a comprehensive set of tools for scheduling, publishing, and managing social media posts across multiple platforms.
  • Allows  businesses to track and measure their social media engagement metrics, audience demographics, and post reach.
  • Enables seamless collaboration among team members.


  • Some users may find limitations in customizing reports according to specific metrics or visualizations.


Emplifi is a social media marketing cloud that offers advanced analytics and marketing solutions for businesses. It provides comprehensive social media listening capabilities, allowing users to monitor brand mentions, track competitors, and gain insights into audience sentiment and trends. 

Its AI algorithms analyze large volumes of data to deliver recommendations for when to post and which posts to promote. The platform offers features like content planning, scheduling, and publishing across multiple social channels. Emplifi also provides benchmarking tools to compare a brand’s performance against industry competitors and identify areas for improvement.


  • Provides in-depth insights into audience behavior, content performance, and competitor benchmarks.
  • Its AI analyzes data to recommend content optimization strategies.
  • Offers social listening features that track brand mentions, sentiment analysis, and industry trends


  • Advanced features, such as competitor analysis and custom reporting, may be available only in higher-priced plans.
  • Its extensive set of features and analytics options may be overwhelming for beginners.


Designed to simplify the content creation and publishing process, Loomly offers a user-friendly interface where businesses can plan, create, and schedule social media posts. Loomly’s AI features include intelligent post optimization suggestions, personalized content recommendations, and automated publishing at optimal times for maximum engagement. 

It also provides collaborative features for team members to collaborate, review, and approve content seamlessly. The tool’s analytics allow users to track post performance, audience engagement, and social media growth, enabling businesses to refine their strategies and achieve better results.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Suggests optimal posting times, content ideas, and personalized recommendations based on user preferences.
  • Provides collaborative features that enable team members to work together on content creation, review, and approval


  • Lacks may lack more advanced analytics features like in-depth audience insights or competitor analysis.


Mention focuses on brand monitoring and reputation management as it tracks brand mentions across various social media platforms, websites, and online forums, allowing businesses to stay updated on conversations related to their brand. 

Using AI algorithms, the tool offers competitive analysis features to track competitor mentions and compare brand performance. Mention also provides insights into audience demographics, helping businesses understand their target market better and tailor their messaging accordingly. The platform allows users to easily draft, schedule, and publish posts via multiple channels.


  • Provides real-time tracking of brand mentions across social media platforms.
  • Analyzes sentiment in brand mentions, helping businesses gauge customer sentiment and identify potential reputation management issues.
  • Draft, schedule and publish posts across multiple channels.


  • Does not have content scheduling, analytics, and post engagement functionalities.
  • Pricing structure may become expensive for certain businesses as their monitoring needs scale


Meltwater’s offers a range of social listening, monitoring, and analytics features. It enables businesses to track brand mentions, analyze sentiment, and monitor industry trends in real-time with access to over 1.2 trillion social and editorial conversations. One of its many features includes influencer identification and engagement capabilities that help businesses identify key influencers and build meaningful relationships with them.

The tool offers analytics that span across earned and owned media, allowing you to gain insights into your brand’s reach and impact. With the ability to manage multiple social handles and teams, you can streamline your social media management processes. Additionally, the platform facilitates content and campaign planning, scheduling, and publishing, empowering you to stay organized and maintain a consistent online presence.


  • Includes features for community management, governance, and workflow management.
  • Offers customizable dashboards and reporting.


  • It requires time and effort to fully understand and leverage the tool’s capabilities effectively.


Lately uses AI-powered feedback loops tied to outcomes, performance and proprietary data sets in order to create customized social content based on the brand’s brand or individual voice to achieve the highest possible engagement rates. It also analyzes engagement metrics, audience behavior, and trends to help businesses understand what type of content resonates best with their audience.

The platform’s AI can slice up any long-form content, including blogs, webinars, podcasts and more into high-performing social media posts. Lately’s AI studies the type of messaging that gets brands the most engagement by processing their social media analytics data and then compares what it learns against the best practices of millions of data points amassed from its own archives. The platform also allows social media managers to schedule a drip feed of their social posts.


  • Available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and more.
  • Provides advanced content insights to optimize content strategies.
  • Provides a centralized platform for content creation, scheduling, and approvals.


  • Getting accustomed to its features and functionalities may take some time and training.
  • Its pricing may be prohibitive for small businesses.


Flick is an AI social media marketing platform that focuses on helping businesses optimize their Instagram presence. The platform enables users to conduct in-depth hashtag research, finding the most relevant and effective hashtags to boost their reach and engagement, and offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, providing insights into key performance metrics such as follower growth, engagement rates, and post reach. 

With Flick, businesses can schedule and automate their Instagram posts as well as use AI-powered hashtag suggestions and caption ideas to drive creativity and engagement.. It also offers competitor analysis, allowing users to monitor their competitors’ Instagram performance and gain insights to refine their own strategies. 


  • Helps users discover relevant and trending hashtags for their social media posts.
  • Users can schedule their social media posts in advance.
  • Allows users to monitor the performance of specific hashtags


  • Flick primarily focuses on Instagram.
  • Advanced analytics and hashtag tracking, are only available in the paid plans.

Content Studio

Content Studio enables brands to manage social media campaigns on a single unified platform. Social media managers can automate social posting with evergreen campaigns and plan, manage and organize social content in a shared content calendar, amongst other features.

The platform offers an AI writer that uses pre-made templates to create quality content for Tweets, Instagram captions, quotes, rephrase content, and more. The AI can also generate hashtags, appropriate emojis for captions, and images with textual descriptions.


  • Offers a centralized platform for content planning, creation, and collaboration.
  • Enables users to discover relevant and engaging content from various sources, including articles, videos, and images.


  • Supports major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, but may not have the same level of integration or features for all platforms.


Wordstream leverages AI algorithms to automate the creation and optimization of ad campaigns across popular platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It provides keyword research and suggestion capabilities, helping businesses identify relevant keywords to target and optimize their ad copy. 

The platform also offers advanced analytics and reporting features, allowing users to track the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve ROI. There are also tools for ad testing and optimization so that businesses can continuously refine and improve their advertising strategies.


  • Its AI-powered features automate campaign creation, keyword research, and ad optimization.
  • Offers valuable insights into key metrics, conversion tracking, and audience behavior.
  • AI algorithms provide personalized recommendations and suggestions to optimize advertising campaigns.


  • Primarily focuses on paid search and social media advertising.
  • Features and functionality may limited for users who are mainly interested in organic social media management.


Specializing in social listening and brand intelligence, Linkfluence enables businesses to monitor and analyze online conversations across various social media channels, news sites, blogs, and forums. It provides valuable insights by capturing and interpreting data related to brand mentions, customer sentiments, trending topics, and competitive analysis. The platform also offers real-time monitoring and customizable dashboards that allow users to track social media performance and key metrics.

In addition to social listening, Linkfluence provides advanced features for influencer identification and engagement. The AI-powered influencer identification feature helps businesses identify relevant influencers based on their audience reach, engagement rates, and content alignment. Linkfluence’s AI capabilities also extend to content recommendation and campaign performance analysis, providing valuable insights to optimize content strategy and measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.


  • Advanced social listening capabilities.
  • Enables users to track and analyze their competitors’ social media activities.
  • Support multiple languages.


  • Some features may be more limited or not available for certain platforms.

Comparison Sheet of Best AI SMM Tools

AI-Powered Social Media Management PlatformKey FeaturesPricingProsCons
LatelyAI-generated social media contentCustomTime-saving AI-generated contentLimited integrations with some social media platforms
CortexVisual AI-driven content performanceCustomIn-depth analysis of visual componentsHigh pricing for advanced features
HootsuiteSocial media scheduling and managementProfessional Plan: €99 /mo

Team Plan:€249 /mo

Enterprise: Custom
Robust scheduling and collaboration capabilitiesPricing may be high for small businesses
EmplifiUnified social media management platformCustom pricingCentralized social media managementOverwhelming for beginners.
LoomlyContent planning and collaborationBase: $26/mo

Standard: $59/mo

Advanced: $129/mo

Premium: $269/mo

Enterprise: Custom
Streamlined content planning and collaborationLimited social media listening features
MentionSocial media monitoring and analysisCustomReal-time social media monitoring and alertsNo content scheduling, analytics, and post engagement functionalities.
MeltwaterMedia monitoring and analyticsCustomComprehensive media monitoring and analyticsRequires time and effort to fully understand its capabilities.
FlickAI-powered content creation and postingSolo: £11/mo

Pro: £24/mo

Agency: £55/mo
AI-generated caption templates and hashtag suggestionsLimited customization options for AI-generated content
Content StudioContent planning and publishingStarter: $25/mo

Pro: $49/mo

Agency: $99/mo
Advanced content planning and schedulingMay not have the same level of integration or features for all social media platforms.
WordstreamPPC advertising and social media toolsCustomIntegrated PPC and social media managementPrimarily focuses on paid search and social media advertising.
LinkfluenceSocial media listening and analyticsCustomAdvanced social media listening and analyticsSome features may be more limited or not available for certain platforms.


What are AI-powered social media management tools and how do they work?

They are software platforms that leverage artificial intelligence technologies to streamline and enhance various aspects of social media management. These tools use AI algorithms to automate tasks such as content creation, scheduling, audience targeting, sentiment analysis, and performance analytics. They employ machine learning and natural language processing to analyze data, generate insights, and optimize social media strategies. By harnessing AI capabilities, these tools aim to improve efficiency, increase engagement, and drive better results on social media platforms.

What are the key benefits of using AI-powered social media management tools?

They can automate repetitive tasks, saving time and resources for social media teams. These tools provide data-driven insights and recommendations, helping marketers make informed decisions and optimize their social media strategies. AI algorithms can analyze large volumes of social media data in real-time, enabling businesses to monitor brand mentions, track trends, and identify opportunities for engagement. Additionally, AI-powered tools often offer advanced features like sentiment analysis, competitor analysis, and personalized content recommendations, which can enhance audience targeting and improve the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

How do AI-powered social media management tools ensure content quality and authenticity?

AI-powered social media management tools employ various techniques to ensure content quality and authenticity. Natural language processing algorithms can analyze the sentiment, tone, and readability of content, helping marketers create engaging and impactful posts. These tools may also leverage machine learning models trained on vast amounts of data to generate AI-generated captions, hashtags, or even entire posts that align with a brand’s voice and style. Some tools integrate content approval workflows and collaboration features to facilitate the review process and ensure that only high-quality and authentic content gets published.

Are AI-powered social media management tools suitable for small businesses?

Yes, AI-powered social media management tools can be beneficial for small businesses. While some tools may have pricing plans geared towards larger enterprises, there are options available that cater specifically to the needs and budgets of small businesses. These tools can help small businesses automate social media tasks, gain insights into their audience, and optimize their social media presence. They offer features such as post scheduling, content creation assistance, analytics, and competitor analysis, which can enable small businesses to effectively manage their social media presence and compete in the digital landscape.

What are the limitations or considerations when using AI-powered social media management tools?

AI algorithms are only as effective as the data they are trained on. If the data is biased or incomplete, it can impact the accuracy of the AI-generated recommendations or insights. It’s crucial for businesses to validate and verify the AI-generated content before publishing. While AI can automate certain tasks, it’s essential to maintain a human touch and oversee the overall strategy and engagement with the audience. Lastly, some tools may have a learning curve and require time for users to familiarize themselves with the platform and its features. Businesses should assess their specific needs, consider the level of support and training provided by the tool, and choose a solution that aligns with their goals and capabilities.


Providing efficient and data-driven solutions to effectively manage social media presence, engage with audiences, and drive results, AI tools for social media managers leverage advanced AI technologies such as machine learning and data analytics to automate tasks, generate AI-generated content, and provide valuable insights into audience behavior and market trends.

The practical benefits of using these tools include increased efficiency, targeted audience engagement, improved content quality, and competitive analysis. To fully reap the benefits of these tools, businesses must consider the reliability of data, maintain human oversight, and ensure proper training.

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Cindy Tan
Cindy Tan

Cindy is a journalist at Metaverse Post, covering topics related to web3, NFT, metaverse and AI, with a focus on interviews with Web3 industry players. She has spoken to over 30 C-level execs and counting, bringing their valuable insights to readers. Originally from Singapore, Cindy is now based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications & Media Studies from the University of South Australia and has a decade of experience in journalism and writing.Get in touch with her via [email protected] with press pitches, announcements and interview opportunities.

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