The Trust Project

Why should I care about The Trust Project?

The Trust Project is a non-profit initiative that brings together major news organizations to combat misinformation. Over 120+ news sites from around the world have joined forces to ensure that you never read bogus news again. This effort gives clarity, confidence, and consistency to a world of social media, many blogs, and differing viewpoints.

As a reader, what does this mean to me?

If you notice a trust signal on a news site, it signifies the material you’re reading is reliable. This indicates that the publication takes every attempt to provide the most up-to-date news, reports, data, and other stuff. This also implies that you can see who wrote the articles because the information is open to the public. The trust indicator also indicates if you’re reading news, analysis, reviews, opinions, or a sponsored article.

Which publications make use of it?

The Trust project includes more than 120 publications, including The Economist, SkyNews, The Globe and Mail, and Independent Journal Review.

What exactly is a Metaverse Post?

We’re a news site that covers NFT, VR/AR, blockchain, fintech, privacy, and other topics. We started in 2021 and now have a team of around 10 employees working all across the world. We at Metaverse Post are entirely committed to The Trust Project’s principles. Our mission is to provide news, information, explanations, and education regarding the fintech industry. Our purpose is to convey facts, not fiction; we rectify material immediately and honestly by including a disclaimer that explains the change.

How do we get the word out?

Before publishing, we thoroughly study, research, and examine all information to ensure that we produce news you can trust. Our sources are either open to the public or offered only to us.

Is there anything else I can read on the Metaverse Post?

News, features, opinions, and instructional articles are our main focus. The most important events, announcements, and events in the industry are covered in our news. Feature articles provide a more full picture by going into greater depth on why, how, and when, as well as answering the most often asked topics. Featured posts are intended to provide a forum for individuals who deserve to have their voices heard to express their views, opinions, and statements. Educational resources serve as a tour to the world of blockchain and financial technology, demonstrating and explaining how and why everything works.

Core Team

CEO: Danil Myakin

Editor-in-Chief: Victor Dey

Team Lead, General Manager: Damir Yalalov

Authors: Agne Cimermanaite, Nik Asti, Cindy Tan, Sergey Medvedev, Valeria Goncharenko

Company number: 202131912H
Street: 390 ORCHARD ROAD
[email protected]


[email protected]

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