Copyright, Permissions, and Linking Policy

Intellectual Property Rights

The entire compilation of content within Metaverse Post — encompassing written text, illustrative charts, interactive utilities, geographical maps, source code snippets, and graphical representations — is subject to copyright protection and is the exclusive property of Cryptomeria Labs or the designated copyright holder. All rights, without exception, are reserved. It is impermissible to replicate any material, whether in digital form or print, without the explicit written consent granted by means of formal permission.

Image Copyright Notice

The materials featured on this website are protected by copyright and are owned by Metaverse Post. All rights are reserved. Any form of republication or redistribution of content from Metaverse Post, whether through framing or analogous methods, is strictly prohibited without obtaining prior written authorization from Metaverse Post. The registered trademarks “Metaverse Post” and the corresponding logo are owned by Cryptomeria Labs and constitute trademarks of the group of companies affiliated with Cryptomeria Labs.

Permissions, Reprints, and Syndication Guidelines

Content originating from Metaverse Post may be replicated in print or displayed on digital platforms and distributed, without charge, in limited quantities for non-profit and educational objectives, subject to appropriate attribution. It is pertinent to note that Metaverse Post retains the copyright for all instances of such utilization.

Linking Policy

Websites are granted the privilege to incorporate links to content, provided that the content remains accessible without any cost to the general public on our website, in adherence to the ensuing stipulations:

  1. The content persists on Metaverse Post’s platform and is not duplicated for display on your website.
  2. The link functions to open a complete, non-enclosed browser window, directing traffic to the official InfoWorld website.
  3. In instances where a direct link to a specific Metaverse Post article is provided, it must incorporate our article’s headline and a succinct summary, limited to a maximum of two sentences.
  4. Recognition of Metaverse Post is to accompany the link on your website.
  5. Metaverse Post preserves the right to request the removal of links from any website if it is determined that the links are contrary to our corporate interests.
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