8 Best AI Business Name Generators in 2023

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This article discover the 8 best AI-powered business name generators available in 2023: Namely, Squadhelp, Zyro, Panabee, BrandBucket, Novanym, Namesnack, and Brandroot.

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Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we do business. From automating mundane tasks to predicting market trends, AI has made our lives easier and more efficient. Branding is one of the areas where AI has had a significant impact. With the rise of AI-powered business name generators, entrepreneurs can now create catchy and memorable names for their businesses in a matter of seconds.

8 Best AI Business Name Generators in 2023
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This article discovers the eight best artificial intelligence-powered business name generators available in 2023.



Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator that uses machine learning algorithms to create short, brandable business names that are relevant to one’s business idea. It generates names by combining keywords and synonyms that customers provide with other words and phrases commonly used in the specified industry.

To generate a business name with Namelix, individuals simply need to enter a few keywords that describe their business idea. Users can filter the results by length, style, and other criteria to find the perfect name for their business.

Notably, the platform focuses on short names, while many business name generators offer longer names by combining dictionary words. When users select their favorite solutions, the algorithm saves their preferences and provides better recommendations over time.



Squadhelp is a business name generator that uses AI to come up with unique and creative names for businesses, products, and services. The platform combines advanced AI algorithms with the wisdom of over 200,000 naming experts and creatives from around the world to generate thousands of potential names for businesses.

Using the platform is simple. To start, customers must tell Squadhelp what they need the name for. Users should mention the industry, keywords, and ideas or add a brief explanation. The tool provides examples of potential prompts, such as “an innovative no-code software platform” or “a luxury clothing brand for women.

The platform, which is completely free, generates hundreds of potential business name ideas in a few seconds. In addition, Squadhelp provides matching domain name suggestions and the availability of each of these domain names.



Zyro is a tool that uses AI and machine learning algorithms to generate creative names for businesses in a few clicks. To generate a name, users must add several relevant keywords that best describe their business. The platform advises individuals to consider what represents their brand and makes it unique. Following this, the generator comes up with business name suggestions that individuals can choose from. Finally, entrepreneurs can immediately check the availability of domain names.

Users can also create websites with Zyro, making it a tool that combines every necessary aspect of the online presence of any business. In addition, the platform gives individuals the possibility to start a blog, launch an online store, create logos, and generate a slogan with the use of artificial intelligence.

Notably, the platform has an intuitive interface and is free to use.



Panabee is an AI-powered business name generator that uses machine learning algorithms to suggest creative names, domain names, and even application names for businesses. The platform’s interface is very intuitive. In order to generate potential business names, users must insert two relevant keywords. Panabee then provides a variety of AI-generated options, from merged words or syllables to backward-spelled solutions.

Panabee also provides domain name search and app name availability. If a preferred name is already taken, Panabee provides suggestions inspired by the customer’s original idea. Importantly, the platform works with international domains, such as “.ai” or “.fr.”

It’s worth noting that Panabee features a variety of AI-powered tools that can be useful for individuals who are planning to launch a business or already have one. For instance, the platform provides an AI headshot tool, an app name generator, and a file translator.

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BrandBucket is an AI-powered, human-driven business name generator that suggests business names in minutes. To generate a name, users must pick one keyword that describes their future brand. Then, individuals can choose the relevant industry, the style, and the type of name. Business names can be brandable, invented, or keyword-based.

The AI algorithm then generates a list of available names along with potential logos. More than that, users can customize their logo, choosing from various colors, styles, and font types.

Once the name is chosen, BrandBucket offers users matching domain names. Notably, every business name generated by the platform has a matching “.com” domain available, which can be purchased straight away.



Novanym is an AI-powered business name generator that combines a clever systems algorithm with human branding expertise. The platform is able to generate distinctive business names that are special enough to make them brandable.

To generate a potential business name, users must enter one keyword, choose the industry, and select the name style they are looking for. For instance, the platform offers contemporary, traditional, corporate, dynamic, informal, elegant, and technical names.

Following this, Novanym provides several name options for users to choose from. Once individuals select the best option, the platform provides matching “.com” domains that make the business brandable. In addition, Novanym features a list of premium domain names that can be purchased directly from the website.



Namesnack is an AI-powered business name generator that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find unique names for their business ideas. Using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, Namesnack analyzes the user’s business idea, industry, and target audience to generate hundreds of potential business names. Once users select their favorite option, they can design a logo in a few clicks. In addition, Namesnack provides instant domain search, helping individuals discover available domains.

Namesnack has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to use. The tool is free, but users can pay for additional services, such as trademark registration and professional logo design.



Brandroot is another AI-powered business name generator that can help entrepreneurs find the perfect name for their brand. Using machine learning algorithms, Brandroot generates catchy business names based on individual preferences.

To generate a business name, users must choose one keyword that best relates to their business. The generator then gives them thousands of options. Luckily, the platform provides filters to make the list more manageable. Once the perfect option is chosen, individuals can register a “.com” domain for the generated business name.

Brandroot has a user-friendly interface and is free to use. In addition, the platform provides a list of inspiring existing business names that can inspire entrepreneurs to think more creatively.


AI business name generators are becoming an essential tool for entrepreneurs looking to create a brand name. In this article, we have discovered the eight best AI business name generators: Namely, Squadhelp, Zyro, Panabee, BrandBucket, Novanym, Namesnack, and Brandroot. 

With the help of these AI-powered tools, users can create unique and catchy names that represent their brand’s values and vision. So, whether an individual starts a new business or rebrands an existing one, these AI business name generators can help them create the perfect name for a brand.


How can I create a business name?

You can create a catchy business name with the help of artificial intelligence business name generators, such as Namely, Squadhelp, Zyro, Panabee, BrandBucket, Novanym, Namesnack, and Brandroot.

What are the best AI-powered business name generators? 

Among the best AI business name generators are Namely, Squadhelp, Zyro, Panabee, BrandBucket, Novanym, Namesnack, and Brandroot.

Can I generate a business name with the use of artificial intelligence?

Yes, you can generate a business name using artificial intelligence. This article discovers eight tools that can help you generate a name in a few seconds. 

Do business name generators provide matching domain names? 

Yes. Individuals can purchase matching domain names when using AI-powered business name generators. 

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