10 Best AI Website Builders for 2023

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While creating a website can be a daunting task for those without coding experience, there are now AI-powered website builders that make the process quick and easy. Website builders use artificial intelligence to generate custom web pages in minutes, eliminating the need for technical skills.

10 Best AI Website Builders for 2023

In this article, we will explore the top 10 AI website builders that will help you create a professional-looking and fully functional website with ease. Our evaluation criteria include factors such as price, features, and user-friendliness. These AI-powered website builders come equipped with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and provide tools for content creation, SEO optimization, and visitor analysis. Whether you are a small business owner or an individual looking to build an online presence, these AI website builders will help you create a website optimized for success.

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Comparison of the Best AI Website Builders for 2023

AI Website BuilderKey FeaturesProsCons10WebComprehensive platform for building and hosting websites, including AI-powered design tools and optimized performance features.Quick and efficient website creation process with an Elementor-based editor, pre-designed templates, an AI assistant, automated backups and security features, as well as performance optimization options.Allows for easy and quick website creation with pre-built templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
DurableOffers extensive customization options, including adding custom code and multiple users working on a website simultaneously. Advanced SEO tools, static website templates, and project-sharing tools make it ideal for team projects.Effortless website setup process, additional business-related tools, and a free trial period. The new user onboarding process is well-designed and user-friendly.The platform is limited to creating only business and eCommerce websites, and the output quality of AI-generated features may not be as advanced as other website builders.
TeleportHQCollaborative platform with a wide range of design tools and integrations to create advanced and responsive websites.Best suited for front-end development and may not be the most optimal option for back-end development or other web development projects.Personalized website-building experience with AI-based design tools and integrated marketing features.
B12With a user-friendly website editor and built-in eCommerce tools, B12 offers an easy-to-use platform for creating optimized websites, extensive third-party integrations, and unlimited user support.Personalized website building with AI-powered design tools and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.Can be more expensive than other website builders due to its professional assistance add-on. AI tools are limited to the design and layout drafts, requiring users to use third-party AI tools for other tasks.
Hostinger Website BuilderOffers a range of customizable templates and allows for seamless integration with e-commerce platforms.Affordable pricing with many features, including free domain name, email, and eCommerce functionalities. Excellent security features.Doesn’t support multiple users editing a website simultaneously, doesn’t allow creating paywall or member-only pages, and has no free trial or plan.
WIX ADILimited customization options, ads, and Wix branding on the free plan, no use of third-party SSL certificates or CDN services, and limited suitability for complex websites.Easy to use and set up, with eight plans to choose from, the ability to add apps for added functionality, and automated content creation and pre-filling of business information.The online store functionality is only available in the Business plan, some customization options require coding, and the website builder limits users to create up to three email addresses per account.
Bookmark AiDAComplete AI-powered website building and marketing platform with customizable templates and integrated marketing tools.Uses machine learning algorithms to optimize website design and boost user interaction, integrates with various third-party online stores, enables multi-user collaboration, provides cloud hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth, and includes built-in SEO and analytics tools.The online store functionality is only available in the Business plan, some customization options require coding, and the website builder limits users to creating up to three email addresses per account.
Get ResponseAll-in-one platform for website building and marketing with a range of customizable templates and integrations.Comprehensive marketing features, unlimited website pages, frequent updates, and a range of learning resources to help users.Domain name not included, pricing is quote-based, limited eCommerce and design customization features, and a learning curve.
Appy PieDrag-and-drop interface with AI-powered design tools and customizable templates for creating mobile-friendly websites and apps.The easy and efficient website building process and optimized designs for various business categories.Limited customization options compared to traditional coding due to its drag-and-drop interface, may not have seamless integration with all apps and data sources, and limited design options.
JimdoEasy and efficient website building process and optimized designs for various business categories.Free plan with mobile optimization and automated website design, quick customer support, and generous bandwidth limit.Limited eCommerce features, integrations, and advanced SEO tools.

1. 10Web

website builder

10Web is a website platform based on WordPress that leverages AI technologies to aid website owners in creating and managing their websites. With features like AI Builder, AI Assistant, BuddyBoss Hosting, and 1-click Migration, users can quickly design or replicate any website using AI in minutes. The platform includes an Elementor-based editor with a drag-and-drop interface to customize layouts, designs, and page elements.

10Web Builder also offers an AI assistant to help users generate content, as well as the ability to import an existing website by entering its URL. The platform has pre-designed templates, 50+ basic and pro widgets, automated real-time backups, and design styles and fonts. With 10Web, users can optimize their website’s back-end, improve security features, and enhance website performance.

It offers three different pricing plans starting at $14 per month for one website. 


  • Creates or replicates any website in minutes.
  • Elementor-based editor for customization.
  • AI assistant and pre-designed templates to save time.
  • Automated real-time backups and excellent security features.
  • Performance optimization options and no hidden fees.


  • Limited payment methods and server storage/traffic.
  • No built-in eCommerce functionality.
  • No 24/7 customer support and a learning curve.

2. Durable

Durable ai website

Durable is an AI website builder designed for entrepreneurs to create a professional website quickly and easily. By answering two questions, Durable generates a website template that includes contact forms, social media buttons, and other customizable elements. It also offers AI content generator tools to speed up website development. Durable is also suited for businesses and eCommerce sites, with features such as analytics, CRM, and invoicing. The tool provides access to free AI ad writer and business name generator tools. Durable’s subscription costs $12 per month. It has so far generated over 1.66 million websites.


  • Quick and easy website setup process.
  • AI-generated features, such as a business name generator and image picker, can save time and effort.
  • Offers additional business-related tools like invoicing and customer relationship management.
  • Provides a free trial period for users to test the platform before committing.
  • New user onboarding is well-designed and guides users through the platform’s features.


  • Durable is limited to creating only business and eCommerce websites.
  • The output quality of AI-generated features may not be as advanced as other website builders.
  • Customer support is only available via email or live chat during working hours.
  • Limited customization options beyond the AI-generated features and templates.

3. TeleportHQ


TeleportHQ is an AI-powered website and UI builder that enables web designers to quickly and accurately build websites and components using code generated by OpenAI. It is designed for web developers seeking flexibility and customization and offers a range of AI tools such as ChatGPT and Vision API.

With TeleportHQ, users can create entire websites or specific components from pre-made templates and add custom HTML and CSS code to edit any part of their website. The website editor allows multiple users to work on the same website simultaneously, making collaboration easy.

One of TeleportHQ’s standout features is its Vision API, which enables developers to transform hand-drawn wireframes into digital designs. However, users will need some coding skills to fully leverage the tool’s features.

TeleportHQ is an excellent option for those seeking to create functional prototypes and produce real-time code. It is a freemium tool that offers a free forever plan and two paid versions starting from around $15 per month per editor.


  • Allows for extensive customization options, including the ability to add custom HTML and CSS code to your website.
  • Offers an unlimited free plan with a free domain name and hosting service.
  • Lets multiple users work on the same website simultaneously, making it ideal for team projects.
  • Advanced SEO tools, static website templates, project sharing tools, live preview, reusable components, and more.
  • TeleportHQ’s Vision API allows users to turn their hand-drawn designs into a fully functional wireframe in real time.


  • Steep learning curve
  • Specific use case. TeleportHQ is specifically designed for developing your website’s front-end, so it may not be the best option for back-end development or other types of web development projects.
  • Enabling editing rights for project collaborators in TeleportHQ has extra costs, so it may not be the most cost-effective option for larger teams or businesses.

4. B12

b12 ai

B12 is a website builder designed for professional service providers. With its AI-powered platform, users can create a website draft tailored to their industry and niche, with the assistance of a team of copywriting, design, and launch professionals to help customize and publish the site. The website builder is equipped with features that allow users to draw in customers, close deals, and simplify corporate processes.

One of the main advantages of B12 is its fast website creation process, which takes only a few minutes. The AI generates a draft of the website, which is then reviewed and customized by the B12 design team to meet the specific requirements of the user. The platform is optimized for search engines and responsive, with built-in eCommerce tools, email marketing tools, and unlimited email and chat support.

B12’s pricing structure consists of three premium plans, with the basic plan starting at $49 per month. However, users can also try out the service for free.


  • The platform provides a team of professionals to help customize and publish the website.
  • The website editor allows for any changes to be made quickly and easily.
  • Offers built-in eCommerce tools, optimized website design for search engines, free website hosting, unlimited bandwidth and storage, third-party integrations, and email marketing tools.
  • Has extensive third-party integrations, comprehensive marketing features, and professional assistance.
  • Unlimited email and chat support.


  • Can be more expensive than other website builders, particularly with the professional assistance add-on.
  • Customer support is only available during working hours.
  • AI tools are limited to the design and layout drafter, and users must use third-party AI tools for other tasks.
  • To create an online store, users must integrate B12 with a third-party platform.

5. Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger Website Builder is an affordable and all-in-one solution for building professional websites, with a free hosting plan, domain name, and email account included. Users can manage their sites from a single platform using the Hostinger dashboard and make changes easily. The website builder is perfect for anyone looking to create an online store, as it comes with many eCommerce features, including inventory management, discount offers, and shipping calculations. 

It also offers an AI content writer, an AI logo maker, and an AI heatmap analysis. Users can create up to 100 websites using the easy drag-and-drop website builder, and pricing starts at $2.99 per month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Affordable, with pricing starting at just $2.99 per month.
  • A lot of features, including a free domain name, free email, and eCommerce functionalities.
  • AI-based tools for automatically generating website content and analyzing the effectiveness of website elements.
  • Excellent security features, such as unlimited SSL certificates and automatic backups.


  • Multiple users can’t edit a website simultaneously, which may be a drawback for collaborative projects.
  • The website builder doesn’t allow the creation of paywall or member-only pages, which may be a drawback for certain types of websites.
  • No free trial or plan, although users can try the demo version.
  • Users need to create an account and pay before being able to use the website builder, which may be inconvenient for some users.
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wix adi

Wix ADI is a web design tool that uses AI to automatically create personalized websites for users. By answering a few simple questions about their business or requirements, users can generate a draft of their website within minutes. Wix ADI comes with a structured editor, drag-and-drop functionality, a library of stock images, and 13 apps and integrations. The platform also has an automatic content import feature that allows users to import their existing website content into their new site.

While Wix ADI offers an easy and quick way to create a website, it has some limitations. Users can only make minor adjustments to their site’s layout with the ADI editor, and more in-depth customization requires switching to the Wix Editor. The platform is best suited for freelancers or small-to-medium businesses and is available at all of Wix’s pricing options, with the paid plan starting at $4.50/month.


  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Eight different plans, including personal use, enterprise, and freelancing.
  • Users can install a Wix app to add new functionalities to their website, such as a live chat, reservation feature, or member registration.
  • Produces high-quality content and finds appropriate, royalty-free images for users’ websites.
  • Pre-fills users’ pages with their business information and whatever details they can find about them over the internet or social media platforms, which means users don’t need to change anything; their website is ready to publish as it is.
  • Affordable.


  • Limited customization
  • Ads and Wix-branded domain. Wix will display ads on websites created with the free plan, and users won’t be able to use a custom domain name.
  • May not be suitable for complex websites with advanced features.

7. Bookmark AiDA

bookmark aida
Bookmark AiDA

Bookmark’s AI web design assistant, AiDA, is a tool that uses patented machine learning algorithms to create and optimize websites. AiDA provides users with data-driven recommendations to improve the user experience and allows users to specify business objectives to concentrate on, such as generating more appointments, boosting e-commerce page views, and generating more phone calls. 

The AI website builder is most suitable for designing blogs or eCommerce sites. It provides AI-powered tools like a design assistant, content translator, and website optimizer. Bookmark AiDA also has built-in SEO and analytics tools, multi-user collaboration, and high-performance cloud hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth. However, the online store functionality is only available in the Business plan, which costs $24.99/month, and some customization options require coding.


  • Uses machine learning algorithms to optimize the website design and boost user interaction, making it a great tool for creating feature-packed blogs or eCommerce sites.
  • A range of AI tools.
  • Integrates with various third-party online stores, including Facebook and Instagram marketplaces, Google Shopping, and eBay, making it easy to sell products online.
  • Allows for multi-user collaboration, enabling users to add new users and set custom permissions to better manage their websites.
  • Bookmark’s plans use cloud hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth, ensuring high performance for websites.
  • Built-in SEO and analytics tools to help drive more traffic to websites.


  • The online store functionality is only available in the Business plan, which costs $24.99/month, making it a pricey option for users looking to sell products online.
  • Some customization options in Bookmark’s AiDA require coding, which can be a drawback for users without coding experience.
  • The website builder only lets users create up to three email addresses per account, which may not be enough for some businesses or individuals.

8. Get Response

get response website builder
Get Response

Get Response is an email marketing platform that offers a free AI website builder, making it a great choice for businesses looking for comprehensive marketing features such as custom marketing funnels and customer segmentation to help increase the website’s conversion rate. The AI website builder allows users to automatically generate a website by answering questions or choosing an existing template. Users can later edit their websites using a drag-and-drop editor, add new pages and publish the website on the same screen.

Get Response’s AI tools include a design wizard that generates a personalized website based on users’ needs and business goals, a product recommender that provides personalized product suggestions based on visitor preferences, and a subject line generator that creates attention-grabbing email subject lines by entering keywords and business descriptions.

The pricing for Get Response starts at $19 per month, and its AI website builder is available in all plans. The free plan includes 5GB of bandwidth for the site, email marketing, form and landing page features, and the ability to connect a custom domain.


  • Comprehensive marketing features.
  • A range of resources and learning materials, including guides, webinars, and a blog, to help users get the most out of the platform.
  • Unlimited website pages.
  • Frequent updates: GetResponse is constantly updating and improving its features, making it a reliable and up-to-date platform.


  • Domain name not included.
  • Pricing is quote-based and varies depending on the contact limit, making it difficult to determine the exact cost of using the platform.
  • Limited eCommerce features
  • Limited design customization
  • Learning curve

9. Appy Pie

appy pie
Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a no-code platform that allows users to develop web and mobile applications without any coding experience. The platform is also equipped with an AI site builder that can create fast and lightweight websites using AI algorithms. The created website can be modified in real-time, even after going live, and the user can make changes at any time.

Appy Pie’s platform offers drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing users to combine and streamline their data into a single source, simplifying the development process. The platform also features seamless integration with various data sources and apps.

Features of Appy Pie include low data consumption, mobile-optimized websites, SSL security, graphic design tools, automatic backups, and free themes. The platform provides an excellent alternative to coding for those who want to bring their ideas to market quickly and efficiently.

The pricing starts at $16.00 per month – an affordable option for those who value efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With its well-structured, simple-to-use, and reasonably-priced platform, Appy Pie is an excellent choice for those who need a workflow or business process automation software.


  • No coding experience required
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Mobile-optimized websites.
  • Real-time editing.
  • Automatic backup.


  • Due to its drag-and-drop interface, Appy Pie may have limited customization options compared to traditional coding.
  • May not have seamless integration with all apps and data sources, limiting its functionality in certain cases.
  • Limited design options.

10. Jimdo


Jimdo is an AI website builder that helps users create personalized, multi-page websites quickly and easily. Designed for individuals with little to no coding experience, Jimdo offers a range of features that make it an attractive option for small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence.

One of Jimdo’s standout features is its AI-powered design generator, which uses a series of questions about the user’s goals, project, and color scheme to generate two different templates. Users can then choose which template they prefer and begin customizing their website from there.

While Jimdo offers a free plan with base features, including mobile optimization, contact forms, and up to five website pages, some of its eCommerce features are only available in the premium eCommerce plan, which starts at $15 per month. However, the platform offers a generous 2 GB bandwidth limit, making it a viable option for those looking to launch a small to medium-sized online store.


  • Free plan with basic features, including mobile optimization, contact forms, and up to five website pages.
  • Generous bandwidth limit.
  • Quick customer support.
  • Automated website design. 
  • Mobile-optimized websites.


  • eCommerce features are premium-only.
  • AI tools can only provide basic customization, and more in-depth customization requires switching to the more difficult-to-use Jimdo Creator.
  • Does not have image and text generators.
  • Limited integrations, with support for only a few social commerce platforms.
  • Lack of advanced SEO tools.
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The Limitations of AI Website Builders

While AI-generated websites offer a convenient and fast way for individuals and businesses to create a web presence, they come with some potential downsides. One of the main concerns is the lack of uniqueness in the website’s design. Since AI is programmed to generate websites based on certain templates and algorithms, there may be limitations on the level of customization that can be achieved. As a result, AI-generated websites may end up looking similar to each other, which can negatively impact a brand’s ability to stand out and make a lasting impression on visitors.

Another issue with AI-generated websites is that they may not meet your expectations or match their brand style perfectly. While AI can be trained to mimic human decision-making, it still lacks the intuition and creativity that humans have. Therefore, users may end up with a website that doesn’t fully align with their vision or business goals. This can be frustrating and require additional time and effort to make necessary modifications.

Despite these potential drawbacks, AI-generated websites can still offer significant benefits, such as convenience, speed, and affordability. It’s important for users to carefully consider their needs and goals when deciding whether to use an AI-generated website builder or opt for a more traditional approach.


What is an AI website builder?

An AI website builder is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create and design websites automatically. Users can choose a template or answer a few questions, and the builder will do the rest of the work.

How do AI website builders differ from traditional website builders?

Traditional website builders require more manual work and technical skills, while AI website builders simplify the process by automating many tasks. AI website builders also use machine learning algorithms to personalize and optimize websites based on user behavior.

Are AI website builders suitable for all types of websites?

AI website builders are ideal for simple websites, such as personal blogs, portfolios, or small business websites. However, for more complex sites, such as e-commerce platforms or large-scale enterprise websites, traditional website builders may be a better option.

Which AI website builder is the best for my needs?

The best AI website builder for your needs depends on your specific requirements and preferences. We’ve reviewed the top 10 AI website builders in this article, so you can compare their features and pricing to choose the one that suits you best.


Website building has been transformed by the advent of AI website generators. While the technology may not be advanced enough to completely take over the process, it certainly provides a valuable solution for those who want to quickly and easily launch a website without having to go through the hassle of coding and design. Each of the 10 AI website builders we have reviewed in this article has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the right choice for you ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user looking to create a simple site or an online store, there’s an AI website builder out there for you.

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