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Metaverse Post: Your Trusted Source for AI and Crypto News

Established in March 2022, Metaverse Post has quickly emerged as a leading news website dedicated to comprehensive coverage of the AI, NFTs, AR/VR, and the exciting realm of web 3.0 technologies. Our mission is crystal clear: to foster transparency and integrity in an industry that has seen its fair share of misinformation, unmarked sponsored content, and news tainted by hidden agendas.

Our team of skilled journalists hails from diverse professional backgrounds, but they all share a common passion for the possibilities presented by distributed third-generation internet technology. We’re ardent advocates of decentralization, staunch protectors of privacy, and firm believers in the pivotal role that technology will play in shaping our future society.

At Metaverse Post, we uphold a commitment to journalistic objectivity. While we maintain a neutral stance when it comes to political matters, we take great pride in offering our writers and contributors the platform to express their thoughts and opinions freely, regardless of their political affiliations.

Stringent Journalistic Standards

To establish Metaverse Post as the most reliable news source in our field, every writer and editor adheres to a rigorous code of journalistic ethics. We understand that nobody is infallible, especially in the fast-paced world we cover, and errors can occur. When a publication error arises, we promptly rectify it by issuing corrections or clarifications.

Our newsroom use The Trust Project Indicators to provide clarity on who and what is behind a news story so that people can easily determine whether it comes from a credible news source. The Trust Indicators have been found to meet user needs in both live and experimental settings, according to research.

Our Commitment to Verification

Our dedication to accuracy is unwavering. Each piece of content submitted by our writers undergoes meticulous evaluation to ensure it is error-free and factually sound. Furthermore, our editors rigorously review each article before it is published, leaving no room for oversights.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Metaverse Post operates with a clear purpose: to deliver high-quality news to our valued readers. In this pursuit, we firmly believe that prejudice has no place in our virtual and physical workplaces. We are committed to a workplace where factors such as color, gender, age, religion, identity, or experience play no role in decision-making. What truly matters to us is the quality of reporting. At Metaverse Post, diversity is celebrated, and we strive to create an environment where everyone can feel free to express themselves fully and comfortably at work.

Core Team

Managing Editor: Victor Dey

Head of Growth: Damir Yalalov

Authors: Agne Cimermanaite, Nik Asti, Cindy Tan, Sergey Medvedev, Valeria Goncharenko,

Company number: 202131912H
Street: 390 ORCHARD ROAD
[email protected]

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