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Regarding Our Advertising Practices

Metaverse Post is committed to providing our readers with the most pertinent content and advertisements. The presence of advertising on our platform allows us to allocate the necessary resources for producing top-tier journalism, research, and analysis that align with the expectations of our audience. The advertisements showcased on this platform may be influenced by the nature of the pages you engage with or could be administered by third parties, customized to match your preferences. These third-party entities might also gather anonymous, non-identifiable information via mechanisms such as cookies, Web beacons, and other technological tools, capturing insights into your online activities on this platform. This data is subsequently employed to present advertisements that resonate with your interests.

Our Ethical Framework

Metaverse Post adheres to the Self Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. Further insights into these principles, alongside comprehensive details and choices concerning interest-driven advertising, are available on the Self Regulatory Program site. This resource includes access to features that facilitate opting out of services associated with dispensing online behavioral ads.

For comprehensive insights into cookies, Web beacons, and our procedures for collecting and utilizing information, we encourage you to consult our Privacy Policy.

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