ZibraAI presented a super-realistic water surface for games based on AI

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ZibraAI develops a system to create realistic-looking water surfaces for video games

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Today, video games are more realistic than ever before. This is thanks to advances in computer graphics, which allow developers to render more realistic environments and characters. However, there is one element that has been lagging behind: water. In fact, water is notoriously difficult to render in a way that looks realistic, but a new technology developed by ZibraAI may soon change that.

ZebraAI presented a super-realistic water surface for games based on AI

ZibraAI is a startup that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) for computer graphics. The company has developed a new system that can generate realistic-looking water surfaces using AI. The system is based on a type of AI called neural networks, which are computer algorithms that are designed to mimic the workings of the human brain.

Below, Michael Moroz, the lead 3D research engineer at ZibraAI, demonstrated a water simulation made in Unity using the Zibra Liquids plug-in.

ZibraAI’s system is able to generate realistic-looking water surfaces by analyzing a database of water images. This new AI-based system is able to create incredibly realistic water, with all the small details that make it look real. The company says that this new system will bring a whole new level of realism to games.

This is a big step forward for ZibraAI, and it could have a huge impact on the gaming industry. This new technology could revolutionize the way games are made, and it will be exciting to see what games and metaverses use it in the future.

Recently, Dylan Browne, a VFX artist at ModelFarm, presented another amazing water framework for Unreal Engine 5, which creates super realistic water surfaces. Watch samples below.

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