Rap supergroup Mount Westmore drops their debut on Gala Music

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From the Gala Music front page.

After nearly two years of hype, hip hop supergroup Mount Westmore released their debut album “Bad MFs” yesterday, June 7th, thwarting the false flag 4/20 release date they teased last year. Mount Westmore’s four part rap dream team–which includes Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, and Too $hort–dropped the 14-track collaborative compilation exclusively on Gala Music in tandem with the blockchain-based music platform’s Galaverse event currently popping off in Malta. 

“You know what it is. Mount Westmore—you got the 4 pillars of West Coast hip hop,” Ice Cube said in a promotional video from June 5, unlisted by Gala Games but available on their YouTube. The group’s name alludes to Mt. Rushmore, the famous Dakotan mountain monument honoring four US Presidents in homage to the country’s colonizing might.

“We are down with Gala Music. We are coming out with that Mount Westmore ‘BAD MFs’ album,” Cube continued on camera. “There is going to be new music, new experiences, shows, everything that the Westmore got, baby, you gonna get it. Fuck with us June 7th.” Snoop Dogg added, “Break bread or fake dead.”

Mount Westmore originally joined forces during 2020. “The collaboration initially took root early in the pandemic at E-40’s initiative,” the New York Times reported in May 2021. “By last summer, the four were recording vocals in their home studios and dropping them into a group chat. Although rapping separately deprived them of some creative friction, it allowed everyone to work on their own schedule.” Snoop likes rap at night, Too $hort mostly during the daytime. 

The supergroup released their first single “Big Sub Woofer” with a music video on October 20, 2021. That track did make it onto “Bad MFs,” which notably omits expected features from collaborators like Dr. Dre and Eminem. “We have all kinds of different songs,” Ice Cube said according to Okayplayer. “We’ve got a mixture of what you always love from us as individuals but also records that show our range. We can hang with the youngsters or take you back down memory lane.”

Of Mount Westmore’s four musicians, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg boast the most Metaverse experience. Cube took to TMZ yesterday in fact, pumping the sixth season of his BIG3 basketball league–where fans can buy into teams with Forever Experience Action Token (FEAT), their own cryptocurrency, which Cube called “better than an NFT.” 

Snoop Dogg is more than a part-owner of the league’s “Bivouac” team. He also owns a Metaverse mansion, participated in a BAYC spectacle at EDC last month, and has publicized plans to transform Death Row Records–which he recently acquired–into the “first NFT label.”

From the Gala Music site.

“Bad MFs” brings that last dream closer to fruition. Gala Music has made public their mission to change the music industry forever–this drop demonstrates how they can do that, too. Each track off the album is available on Gala Music as an NFT, each delivering its own animated artwork along with the corresponding song. The artwork for “Sinister Slap” depicts a blinged-out skeleton hand, while “California” features a yellow low rider bouncing down a coastal highway.

Each track off “Bad MFs” has also been released in its own limited quantity, ranging from editions of 938 like “Free Game” to 1,136 like “Aim Squeeze Bust.”  Prices vary too, but they don’t appear to directly correlate with more limited quantities. Gala Music classifies all 14 tracks as “Rare” according to their own color-coded system–although that’s only the fourth most ‘rare’ option in their ranking, which maxes out at “Ancient.” 

All tracks off “Bad MFs” are still currently available as of press time, but they’re also quite close to selling out. Gala Music conducts sales in GALA, their proprietary cryptocurrency powered by Ethereum, which the gas fees are listed in. Sliding scale gas prices and delivery rates are available for each purchaser’s personal tailoring. 

Hip hop heads still hemming and hawing over music NFTs can either preview the track “Mt. Westmore Pt. 1” on their Gala page, or wait until the album hits traditional channels at a later date still TBD. In the meantime, make sure to peep Mount Westmore’s performance celebrating the album–which streamed live from the Galaverse event in Malta this afternoon. Their show starts at the 38:00 minute marker.

Bad MFs tracklist:

01. “California”

02. “Mount Westmore Pt.1”

03. “Ghetto Gutter”

04. “Sinister Slap”

05. “Activated”

06. “Too Big”

07. “Tribal”

08. “Aim Squeeze Bust”

09. “Bad MFs”

10. “Big Sub Woofer”

11. “Free Game”

12. “Lace You Up”

13. “Have A Nice Day (F*ck You)”

14. “I Quit”

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