DeeKay’s Animation NFT “Life and Death” Purchased for $1M by Snoop Dogg

Last Friday marked a milestone for animation NFTs and the young South Korean artist DeeKay Kwon.


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Last Friday marked a milestone for animation NFTs and the young South Korean artist DeeKay Kwon. The animator’s NFT ‘Life and Death’ was sold for 310 ETH, or currently slightly over $1 million. ‘Life and Death’ portrays the human life cycle and includes the miseries and joys of growing up. The description of the animation on SuperRare says: 

“We are born. We live life. We face death at the end of the road, but memories of us remain and live on.”

The buyer of ‘Life and Death’ is the famous rapper and Web3 advocate Snoop Dogg, also known in the NFT world as Cozomo de’ Medici. He feels deeply connected to the artwork as he commented on the purchase: 

“Once in a great while, a work drops that shows you the power of art, to move your heart and shake your soul.”

‘Life and Death’ begins with a little boy mesmerized by a yellow butterfly, running forward to catch it but tripping as the butterfly flies away. First upset, the boy stands up smiling, runs, and begins a new life chapter – from childhood, he steps to the teenage years. 

The happy boy does a cartwheel movement and jumps to an armchair, playing video games (as all teenagers do) until he is distracted by a girl. Blindly in love, the teenager is heartbroken – the girl closes the door, and he’s left behind. 

The boy becomes a man – he enters adulthood, where he works by the desk, goes to sleep, and repeats the day. From a smaller town, he has now moved to New York City. 

After his career progression, the man’s new life phase begins – he moves to San Francisco, meets a woman, and becomes a father. With one hand, he holds the hand of his wife, with the other, he pushes a stroller with a baby.

He then approaches the last stage of life. The father becomes an old man and sees his child as a grown-up now, young and excited, waving and running away, as the man trips and falls to the ground dead. A tombstone appears saying R.I.P, while the man turns into an angel and disappears into the sky. 

DeeKay also shared that it was his departed grandmother that inspired the animation. The thoughts and moments of when she would spiritually appear to the artist.

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