Krista Kim introduces the Interoperable Open Metaverse Vehicle ØRB

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Krista Kim and [0] introduce the Interoperable Open Metaverse Vehicle

The NFT assets come out on November 12

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Krista Kim and [0] are introducing the Interoperable Open Metaverse Vehicle, dubbed the “ØRB System,” the first content streaming system and represents a new category of digital devices that only exist in virtual worlds. 

These assets will take the form of NFTs, and it will be possible to import them into different existing Metaverse platforms. Notably, the Open Metaverse Vehicle permits users to navigate between platforms in social groups of avatars, remaining a standalone single-player web and VR experience.


The new assets will permit users to play in several virtual worlds at the same time. However, it is not yet very clear how the Metaverse Vehicles will transfer holders from one experience to another.

The first “ØRB” product is set to launch on November 12. One Open Metaverse Vehicle NFT will go for 0.33 ETH (approximately $443 at the time of writing). The first 2,500 individuals to mint the NFTs will receive access to three additional 36Ø experiences, including holographic concerts and forums, content from artists and libraries, and interactive education. Individuals can now sign up for the waitlist. 

“What the iPod was to the birth of the internet (Web1), the ØRB System will be to Web3,”

said Peter Martin, the CEO and Co-founder of [0]. 

Krista Kim is a crypto influencer and the editor of the Metaverse department at Vogue Singapore. She has previously partnered with luxury automobile manufacturer Lamborghini to auction an exclusive NFT and introduced several Metaverse projects. In September this year, the digital world “The Mars House” developed by Kim was featured on the cover of Vogue Hong Kong’s first-ever Metaverse cover. 

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