Sony ventures into the metaverse with Mocopi, the 3D motion-tracking system

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Sony unveiled Mocopi, the 3D motion capture system that makes metaverse avatars more realistic.

Users need to attach six lightweight sensors to control their virtual avatars.

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Source: Sony

Sony has revealed its new gadget, the 3D tracker called Mocopi, which allows users to capture their bodies to create videos or operate avatars in VRChat and other metaverse apps, including Unity and MotionBuilder. Mocopi costs 49,500 yen (about $358) and will first launch in Japan in January.

The six color-coded Mocobi sensors, measuring almost 3 centimeters in diameter and weighing 8 grams, also contain accessories that attach to specific places on the body: two wrist and ankle bracelets, a headband, and a belt clip. The product also offers an SDK to import motion data for 3D animation apps.

“Normally, video production using motion capture requires dedicated equipment and operators. By utilizing our proprietary algorithm, Mocopi realizes highly accurate motion measurement with a small number of sensors, freeing VTubers [virtual YouTubers] and creators involved in movie and animation production from time and place constraints,”

Sony wrote.

Mocopi syncs the user with their avatar and is Sony’s venture into the VR and AR space. Besides metaverse enthusiasts, the gadget product is aimed at animators and filmmakers. Users can also utilize the existing VRM avatars and transfer recorded videos in MP4 with iOS 15.7.1 and Android 11 devices. We can also speculate about Mocopi and PlayStation VR 2 compatibility, though Sony hasn’t mentioned anything yet. 

On the other hand, PlayStation recently filed a patent on the structure of a blockchain-based NFT tracking system.

In a promo video, the Tokyo-based company demonstrates how users connect to the system by attaching the sensors to their bodies. Then they begin dancing around in the city as anime-style avatars.

The young generation of gamers shows a strong interest in metaverse gaming, but the mainstream audience doesn’t seem ready to adopt the new technologies yet.


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