10 Most Promising Bitcoin NFT Ordinals Collection in 2023 

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Bitcoin Ordinals is currently on the wave of hype.

We have selected the 10 most interesting collections that will definitely go down in history.

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Over the past few years, the world of cryptocurrencies has received a lot of attention thanks to digital art. NFTs have enabled creators and collectors to buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets with unparalleled transparency and security. Now, the worlds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are once again intersecting with the emergence of bitcoin NFTs, otherwise known as ordinals, unique digital assets on the bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin NFTs: 10 most promising Ordinals collection
Bitcoin NFTs: 10 most promising Ordinals collection

We have already mentioned some of these collections in the article: A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Ordinals – New NFT Trend of 2023

The launch of the Ordinals protocol on the Bitcoin blockchain by software engineer Casey Rodarmore in January 2023 sparked the blockchain movement. This event allowed the creation of NFTs on the Bitcoin mainnet. This news generated excitement and opposition from the Bitcoin community, with Bitcoin Maxis labeling the protocol a threat to the network.

Nevertheless, many have started creating Inscriptions, the Bitcoin equivalent of NFTs, with great enthusiasm. The global number and sequence of Ordinals minted on the Bitcoin chain has garnered significant attention, with over 48,000 Inscriptions minted at present. The web3 community is now taking notice of the captivating collections and astonishing sales that have emerged.

This technology is new, which makes it very interesting for crypto enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 most promising Ordinals collections, exploring what makes each one so special and how they’re changing the world of digital assets.

Bitcoin Shrooms

The Bitcoin Shrooms, which started with Inscription 19, are among the earliest Ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain and predate some of the Bitcoin Rocks. The initial batch of the Shrooms NFTs form a message that reads, “The Shrooms R Coming.” There are several dozen NFTs in the collection. Despite the popularity of the collection, the project team remains unknown, and the project’s Discord is temporarily closed. In addition, none of the NFTs in the Shrooms collection have yet been auctioned or sold.

Although the team behind the Bitcoin Shrooms collection has yet to make any of the NFTs available for sale, many in the NFT community are already buzzing with excitement about the potential of this early and intriguing Ordinals collection. The Bitcoin Shrooms collection, with its unique theme and early position in the sequence of ordinals on the Bitcoin blockchain, has a great future ahead of it. As the popularity of NFTs and cryptocurrency continues to grow, it is likely that the value and interest in the Bitcoin Shrooms collection will only increase.

Bitcoin Shrooms
Bitcoin Shrooms

Ordinal Punks

There is no denying the irresistible appeal of the Ordinal Punks collection, which pays tribute to the legendary CryptoPunks. This exclusive set of just 100 NFTs, known as Ordinal Punks, was minted as part of the first 650 inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain, with the highest inscription number in the collection being #642. The collection consists of 192×192 pixels generated PFP images.

Bitcoin’s infrastructure requires a full Bitcoin node to create an inscription, so FlowStay is essentially acting as an escrow for the Discord community by managing the bids and offers for the Ordinal Punks collection on a Google Sheet.

At present, the lowest bid is 3.7 BTC, while the highest asking price is for Ordinal Punk 78, which is listed at 50 BTC (equivalent to ~ $1,200,000). Recently, a web3 enthusiast called dingaling purchased seven of the Punks for a whopping 15.2 BTC. This sale is an indication of the growing demand and value of the Ordinal Punks collection.

Ordinal Punks
Ordinal Punks

Taproot Wizards Ordinals

Udi Wertheimer, an independent Web3 developer, created hand-drawn NFT wizards for an Ordinal collection called Taproot Wizards. The first Ordinal in this collection made history on the Bitcoin blockchain, as it was the largest block ever recorded. The blockchain only shows a few inscriptions for Taproot Wizards. The verification page on Discord has only confirmed six of them. Despite the limited number of inscriptions, the Taproot Wizards collection holds great potential.

The approach of creating hand-drawn NFT wizards for the Taproot Wizards collection, as well as the record-breaking size of its first Ordinal, is a unique and fascinating aspect of this collection. Taproot Wizards has already made history on the Bitcoin blockchain, and its rarity and distinctive art style make it an interesting collection to watch.

Taproot Wizards ordinals
Taproot Wizards

Bitcoin Rocks Ordinals

Bitcoin Rocks is a tribute to early NFT collections on the Ethereum chain. The collection’s creator, ordrocks, has done an excellent job of channeling the aesthetic and spirit of its predecessor, Ether Rocks. The collection of Taproot Wizards is limited to 100 NFTs and has already captured the attention of the web3 community. Additionally, some listings have reached as high as 1,000 BTC (over $22 million). The lowest bid for an NFT in the collection is 2.7 BTC at the time of writing.

Bitcoin Rocks has the potential to appreciate significantly in value over time. It’s an interesting approach to creating NFTs that pays tribute to one of the first NFT collectible projects. Moreover, this collection has already made history on the Bitcoin chain and is likely to become more valuable in the future. The demand for rare and unique NFT collections continues to grow. Bitcoin Rocks is sure to be a significant part of the NFT landscape for years to come.

Bitcoin Rocks ordinals
Bitcoin Rocks

The Shadow Hats Ordinals

The Shadow Hats have emerged on the Bitcoin chain from Inscription 957. There is a lack of information about them, and no one has bought any yet. Moreover, this is a very stylish and sometimes frightening collection with its mystery.

The Shadow Hats collection is generating buzz and speculation in the web3 community. No one has bought any yet, but their appearance at relatively high Ordinals has aroused interest. This intriguing approach to creating NFTs adds to the allure of the Shadow Hats and may make them highly valuable in the future.

The Shadow Hats ordinals
The Shadow Hats

Toruses Ordinals

These mysterious and anonymous NFTs first appear on the Bitcoin chain at Inscription 341. So, they come in a range of colors and are easily recognizable, making them some of the more visually striking Ordinals found among those with Inscription numbers both above and below 1,000.

This unconventional approach to creating NFTs is quite intriguing, and the fact that these collections are inscribed on the Bitcoin chain makes them unique and historically significant.

While little is known about some of the collections, their mysterious nature, and distinctive aesthetics add to their allure. As such, these Ordinals could potentially hold significant value in the future, making them an exciting area to watch for collectors and investors alike.

Toruses ordinals

Inscription 0

Inscription 0 is the first Ordinal created on Bitcoin. It features a black skull with white markings, and nothing else is known about it. It is this image that personifies the Bitcoin Ordinal.

As the very first NFT minted on the Bitcoin chain, Inscription 0 has the potential to become the most valuable NFT in the world due to its historical significance.

Inscription 0
Inscription 0

Insignia Art Ordinals

Insignia Art is a collection of only 16 Bitcoin Ordinals. It started with Inscription 7,596 and is described as “composable art primitives.” These facilitate quick reproduction, distribution, and utilization of Insignia on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This unique and limited collection has already made its mark in the history of NFTs. It has the potential to become valuable in the future. Additionally, the Insignia Art project offers a new approach to creating and distributing composable art on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has only 16 Bitcoin Ordinals in existence.

Insignia Art ordinals
Insignia Art

Ordinal Birds

Ordinal Birds is a collection of 100 bird Ordinals on the Bitcoin chain. It starts at Inscription 2,728 and uses Moonbirds’ CC0 license. The collection is sold out, but the team is keeping a few birds to thank Kevin Rose. OTC sales for Ordinal Birds have occurred through an escrow service in the project’s Discord.

Ordinal Birds’ adoption and sales demonstrate a growing interest in Bitcoin NFTs. Overall, the collection’s unique artwork and ties to the Moonbirds project make it a promising addition to the NFT landscape. It has the potential for further growth and appreciation in value over time.

Ordinal Birds
Ordinal Birds

Bitcoin Punks

As NFT enthusiasts strive to inscribe notable Ordinals on the young Bitcoin chain, they have created derivative collections that bear similarities to classic Ethereum collections. A perfect example of this is the Bitcoin Punks collections. The Bitcoin Punks collection, unlike the Ordinal Punks, offers a unique take on the CryptoPunk theme, with 100 Punks featuring a light blue background and a wider range of characters and expressions.

The fact that the Bitcoin Punks collection has already gained popularity and value in the short time since its creation is certainly promising. As the Bitcoin ecosystem and NFT market continue to evolve, this collection may become even more valuable and sought-after in the future.

Bitcoin Punks
Bitcoin Punks


In conclusion, the emergence of NFTs has brought about a surge in interest in digital art, resulting in the creation of various NFT collections on different blockchains. The Bitcoin blockchain has seen the creation of various collections, with some being derivatives of notable Ethereum collections. Developers designed collections to have a supply cap, which gives them a sense of exclusivity.

The trading of these NFTs have seen some reach high valuations, with some selling for millions of dollars.

As the Bitcoin blockchain continues to grow and mature, these collections potentially become highly valuable in the future. The earliest inscribed NFTs on the chain, such as Inscription 0, could become highly sought after. Overall, the use of NFTs has created a new form of art collection and investment. It will be interesting to see how this market continues to develop in the years to come.


What is Bitcoin Ordinals?

Bitcoin Ordinals are unique, immutable digital assets inscribed onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Each Ordinal is a numbered NFT (non-fungible token) with a unique inscription.

What is the difference between Ordinals and NFT?

NFTs on Ethereum (or an Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchain) often point to off-chain data on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), which can be changed using dynamic metadata. Ordinals, on the other hand, are “complete” in that all the data is inscribed directly on-chain. NFTs often have creator royalties attached to them, whereas digital artifacts, as Rodarmor refers to Ordinals, do not.

What are the benefits of Ordinals over NFTs?

Ordinals are a technical improvement on NFTs, as they are “complete” in that all the data is inscribed directly on-chain. This means that Ordinals do not require off-chain data and can be thought of as digital artifacts. Additionally, Ordinals do not have creator royalties attached to them, making them more accessible for buyers and sellers.

How do I buy, receive, and store Ordinals?

Originals are currently sold P2P. Collection creators personally set prices or arrange auctions. Basically, such sales occur in the Discord channels of projects.

Are there any security concerns with Ordinals?

As with all cryptocurrency transactions, there is a risk of fraud or theft, so it is important to buy and sell ordinals only if you are confident in the seller’s good faith.

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