BLVCK Paris Reveals a Genesis NFT Collection

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BLVCK Paris, a streetwear lifestyle fashion brand has announced the creation of an NFT collection. 

The brand was founded in 2017 by Julian O’hayon, with the idea of producing ‘All Black’ clothing, accessories and leather goods for men and women.

The genesis collection will include 9,999 unique NFT avatars, featuring the graphics created by O’hayon. The images will be a result of random combination of traits, just like most PFP collections. In order to create the collection, Blvck Paris partnered with Coinsilium, a Blockchain-focused venture operator, and Hora Games, a Play-2-Earn games development company. 

The holders of the NFTs would get access Blvck Paris collector’s community, early access to future fashion collaborations, future NFT drops and exclusive experiences in Blvck Stores and in the Metaverse. The official mint date is still to be revealed. The official OpenSea page of the brand in currently empty. 

Previously, the brand has released another NFT collections named DARKMODE03, DARKMODE02, DARKMODE01 and OFF SERIES, which all include visual animated artworks. The NFTs are still available for purchase.

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