Bitcoin Developer Inscribes Ordinal on the Litecoin Network After Forking Code

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Ordinals go Litecoin.

The first Litecoin Ordinal was minted by Bitcoin developer Anthony Gurrera.

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Bitcoin Ordinals have been the talk of the town, so it was only a matter of time before it would hit the Litecoin blockchain.

The first Ordinal has been inscribed on the Litecoin blockchain. After forking the code behind Bitcoin Ordinal, Bitcoin developer Anthony Gurrera announced on Twitter on Monday that he had inscribed a copy of Litecoin’s mimblewimble whitepaper to the blockchain, as per a Coindesk report.

The tweet mentions @indigo_nakamoto, a Crypto Twitter user who offered 15 LTC to anyone who would manage to port the Ordinal protocol to Litecoin. The Ordinal protocol was created by software engineer Casey Rodarmor, enabling users to assign unique numbers to individual satoshis and transfer them along with attached images, videos, or text, known as inscriptions.

Gurrera said that Litecoin Ordinals are open-source, meaning anyone can upgrade the code. Unlike Bitcoin Ordinals, which are mostly traded over the counter on Discord channels, there is no known dedicated Discord for Litecoin Ordinals yet. 

Bitcoin Ordinals have been generating some hype over the past few weeks as some Ordinal collections, such as Ordinal Punks and Ordinal Birds, have become sold-out successes. According to Dune Analytics data, over 154,000 inscriptions have been made since the Ordinal protocol launched three weeks ago, with an average of 5,000 inscriptions daily.


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