Blizzard aims to employ AI to create games that are unique to each player

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Blizzard files patent for artificial intelligence to generate soundtracks for video games

In the future of video games, music will be able to influence player success

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Blizzard Entertainment has filed a patent application for artificial intelligence music synthesis in video games. The technology will be able to collect, gather, and calculate various data to build soundtracks that meet user preferences and specific conditions, according to the patent. The generation will occur based on the player’s talents or experience.

Blizzard Aims to Employ AI to Create Games That Are Unique to Each Player
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The system additionally considers one or more user events, reactions, actions, or movements.

The system’s inventors hope it will be able to impact the successes and failures of users. For example, for low-skill players, the system will be able to provide aural cues to attack and dodge an attacker. If the user effortlessly overcomes the boss, the soundtrack will become more rhythmic, making the level-passing process more exciting.

If the user effortlessly overcomes the boss, the soundtrack will become more rhythmic
Musical moods are determined by the player’s unique characteristics. WIPO data.

All of the information will be integrated with gaming time and personal player profiles. The document goes into great detail about how technology is used in multi-user modes. The technique, the creators emphasized, could also be used for single-player games.

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