The Unreal Engine 5 should teach Zuckerberg how to create a realistic metaverse

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Unreal Engine 5 shows how far we have come in VR

Unreal Engine 5 is the way to create a realistic metaverse

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A developer from France demonstrated a video game he had been working on, and, of course, everyone was blown away by the level of visuals. The demo was so impressive that many people were left wanting more of what they had seen. There are times when you can’t help but be impressed with how far graphics have come in just a decade.

The Unreal Engine 5 Should Teach Zuckerberg How to Create a Realistic Metaverse
Image created by Midjourney AI

The demo includes manufacturing levels: a grey wall, a broken window, and an abandoned building. A player can shoot around and explore a building that is full of hidden rooms. There are also some intense action scenes where players will encounter enemies in the streets. This could be considered as a prototype version, but it already looks like the final product. All these are being done with real time rendering using the latest technology available today.

There is no longer a need to trust video and images because of Unreal Engine 5 cutting-edge technology, a new development software for game developers, was used to produce this video sample.

It’s so uncanny, realistic and very detailed that it’s a little unnerving. The visual effects genuinely feel like what politicians in the 90s would’ve described as a murder simulator. The concept of gaming has taken a major leap into reality.

It’s amazing how far we have come technologically. This would not be possible without the help of Unreal Engine 5

said one of the twitter attendees

The developers of this game are aiming to release it in the next few years when the technology has been perfected so that they don’t have to compromise quality or performance. The team is currently working hard to make sure they hit their target date.

Right now, you can’t use this metaverse with your friends, but it demonstrates where future technology could possibly go. This isn’t the first time Unreal Engine 5 has been used in a video, either. Here are some groundbreaking graphics from Unreal Engine 5; everything works in real time, but only at seven frames per second.

When people first started using virtual reality, one of their biggest disappointments was that it wasn’t as immersive and lifelike as they had imagined. Although excellent, the images couldn’t imitate reality. Now, however, there are new tools for creating realistic images in VR. Facebook bought Oculus Rift and has already hired a number of its engineers — tools like this should help them create an even better user experience. It is indeed exciting to see how far technology has come.

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