NFT | LA Day 1


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The day one was a blast. It started with Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen killing it on the stage.

Charlie Sheen: I don’t own any Crypto or NFTs 🤷‍♂️

Sound advice by Cuban: Buy cheaper land in metaverse and build better entertainment- no need to overpay for virtual land.

After that, Warner Bros dropped the B bomb. Bat Cowl Collection of 200,000 unique Batman-inspired NFTs. is live, and was launched with DC Comics & Palm NFTs. 🚀

The drop is planned for the April 26th.

Another great panel: Yat Siu from @animocabrands

🌻 #Web3 boosts creativity
🌻 DAO structure forces the sharing of knowledge
🌻 Your data and it’s value should belong only to you

The closing note:

Our focus is to provide you with video content, and we filmed a lot to videos and interviews yesterday. Our team will be in LA for 2 more days, DM on Twitter if you want to meet.

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