Madonna and Beeple partner to create an NFT collection

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Madonna and Beeple partner to create an NFT collection

Madonna has collaborated with digital artist Beeple to create an NFT collection. Its name is “Mother of Creation.” The collection includes three videos of a digital Madonna giving birth to ‘nature.’ All three artworks feature a naked pop-star avatar in a laboratory setting.

The first video depicts Madonna giving birth to a tree, the second one she’s birthing butterflies, a sign of hope, and in the third one, she’s giving birth to centipedes that represent technology within the artwork. 

Both the singer and the artist aimed to represent visually the idea of creation and motherhood. The work on the project started a year ago. The team behind the collection created a 3D scan of Madonna, which was then edited by Beeple. The audio was produced by Sasha Kasiuha. 

The three pieces were created with the support of Moonpay, a crypto exchange. The company is going to contribute each $100,000 of the sales to charity. Madonna and Beeple are also going to donate their proceeds to three nonprofit organizations to support mothers all over the world. 

The auction on the NFTs will open on May 11th on SuperRare. The starting price is 0.00035774 ETH (1 dollar). 

In March 2021 Beeple (real name Mike Winkelmann) sold an NFT for $69 million during Christie’s. He became the first digital artist to be sold at a traditional Auction House. 

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