Erik Voorhees, Founder and CEO of ShapeShift

Erik Voorhees, Founder and CEO of ShapeShift

Entrepreneur Erik Tristan Voorhees is of American and Panamanian descent. He served as the director of marketing at the BitInstant exchange, co-created the Bitcoin firm Coinapult that distributes money by SMS and email, and founded and owned a portion of the Bitcoin gaming website Satoshi Dice before selling it to an unnamed buyer in July 2013. Voorhees was stationed in Colorado before joining the Free State Project and afterwards resided in Dubai, Panama, New York City, and New Hampshire.
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In addition, Voorhees is the founder and CEO of ShapeShift, an instant Bitcoin and altcoin exchange that he invented and ran until March 2015, when he announced his affiliation with the business as part of an announcement for seed funding. Some of his business endeavors have led to fines and legal problems with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Voorhees is a vocal libertarian who is against taxation, financial regulation, and all forms of government. ShapeShift, which is a free service, is a reflection of his political and economic views.

In 2022


In response to a G20 report from October 13, 2020, which stated that its members would complete regulatory stablecoin frameworks as well as research and select designs, technologies, and experiments for CBDCs, Voorhees tweeted on October 14, 2020: “By the end of 2022 Bitcoin will already be bigger than half of them.”

ShapeShift’s open-source software and governance will progressively move to owners of the exchange’s FOX token, which has already been issued to ShapeShift’s staff, investors, and users, in line with Voorhees’ aim of creating a decentralized, immutable, and borderless financial system. The largest airdrop in history will take place in 2022, when every active user will get 340 million FOX tokens as part of a giveaway.

The decision was made, according to Vorhees, who explained the reasoning in a Medium post, “Decentralization has become not merely a feasible organizational approach, but the crucial paradigm for enabling the borderless, immutable financial system for which so many of us fervently support.”

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