Best AI Paraphrasing Tools for 2023

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Paraphrasing is an essential skill that every writer must possess. But the conventional way of paraphrasing the text is a lengthy process. And besides being lengthy, you must be at your best to successfully paraphrase the content. But thankfully, technology has minimized the efforts required for paraphrasing the text.

Best AI Paraphrasing Tools for 2023

AI systems that can instantaneously paraphrase text like humans are now available. But which tools use the most advanced AI technologies? This blog post will look into the answer to that question. So, let’s get started on this topic.

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Editpad is a freemium web toolkit that provides an AI-powered paraphrasing tool for accurate and quick paraphrasing. It comes with five different paraphrasing modes for versatile results. Those five modes are:

  • Smooth.
  • Reworder.
  • Formal.
  • Smart.
  • Improver.

Note: The ‘Smooth,’ ‘Reworder’ and ‘Formal’ modes are available for free. However, you must purchase its premium plan to use the ‘Smart’ and ‘Improver’ modes.

All these modes generate a slightly varied paraphrased form from each other. But they all work on Artificial Intelligence (AI). That’s why besides paraphrasing the content, this tool improves readability and modifies the writing style and vocabulary. And all of that is done without changing the context of the original content.

Thus, from the description, this tool looks pretty hand. However, let’s prove its worth using the following text sample:

Text Sample: In the event that the individual in question does not possess the necessary qualifications or credentials, it may be prudent to consider alternative options or avenues for achieving the desired outcome, such as acquiring additional training or education, or seeking the assistance of a qualified professional.

Upon paraphrasing this text sample into the free modes of this tool, here are the results we’ve got:

Pros of Editpad’s Paraphrasing Tool

We’ve found this tool to be pretty helpful. So, here are the advantages we’ve observed in this tool:

  • This tool is ideal for those who want to paraphrase the text in a formal tone. That’s because it is one of the few tools with a dedicated mode for rephrasing formal content.
  • As the above-specified results prove, all the modes of this tool generate high-quality and human-level outputs. So, that is the reason for placing this tool in the top spot.
  • This paraphrasing tool has a multilingual nature. So, people from different backgrounds can use this tool.
  • The interface of this tool is pretty simple, as it doesn’t require any training.
  • You can integrate this tool’s functionality into your platform using its API integration.
  • Compared to the other rephrasing utilities, the 1000-word count limit is enough to paraphrase lengthy chunks of text simultaneously.

Cons of this online rephrasing tool

Despite being in the top spot, this tool has some drawbacks. So, here are those disadvantages:

  • Apart from the free modes, you have to purchase its paid plan to unlock the premium modes.
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Paraphraser is another AI-based freemium tool on this list. But unlike the first tool that allows processing 1000 words even with the premium membership, this utility enables paraphrasing up to 1500 words in its premium version. So, you can paraphrase more quantity of text in one shot with this tool.

Regarding the actual paraphrasing, this tool takes assistance from an AI paraphrasing engine based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). And that’s how this tool provides the human-level and sensible output and maintains the original text’s context while rephrasing it. However, besides NLP, this tool also uses the assistance of multiple paraphrasing modes. Those modes are as follows:

  • Fluency.
  • Standard.
  • Word Changer.
  • Creative.
  • Smarter.
  • Shorten.

Out of the modes mentioned above, the ‘Fluency,’ ‘Standard’ and ‘Word Changer’ modes are available for free. However, the ‘Creative,’ ‘Smarter’ and ‘Shorten’ modes are accessible with premium membership only. So, let’s understand how the free modes of this tool produce the output with the help of an example.

For this example, we’ll use the following text:

Text Sample: There are a lot of cars parked on the street near the shops and restaurants, and it is hard for me to find a spot.

Upon paraphrasing this text into the free modes of, we’ve got the following results:

Pros of Paraphraser

Like the first tool, we’ve found this web utility helpful while testing it. So, here are the advantages we’ve observed in this tool:

  • As the results of the above modes indicate, this tool provides high-quality and human-level paraphrasing. So, like the first tool, this tool is one of the best paraphrasing tools available for free.
  • This tool has a dedicated mode for shortening the text’s length. So, there’s no need to use a summary generator to find the gist of lengthy text.
  • This web utility is another multilingual paraphrasing tool. But the available language support in this tool is more extensive, as it supports 22 languages.
  • Besides Linux, this tool has a dedicated application for every operating system. So, whether you want to use the services of this tool on an Android or iOS/macOS device, you won’t have to access the official website every time.
  • Like the first tool, this web utility also supports API integration. And you can use that integration to add this tool’s functionality to your website.
  • If you don’t have the technicalities of using API integration, don’t worry. You can download and add its WordPress plugin to your website.

Cons of this free paraphrasing tool

Despite providing high-quality and human-level results, this tool has some drawbacks. So, here are those disadvantages:

  • The word count in the free plan is less than what you will get in the first tool.
  • Most modes of this tool provide grammatically correct results. But its ‘Word Changer’ mode doesn’t, as we’ve observed a few grammar mistakes in its output.
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Wordtune is another freemium web toolkit with many features to assist writers. And one of those features is its rephrasing module.

Like most AI-based tools, the rephrasing module of uses the assistance of NLP and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology. NLP helps with text understanding, whereas GPT assists in generating coherent and natural language text according to the given input.

Besides NLP and GPT, the text-rephrasing module of uses technologies like neural machine translation and rule-based systems. So, that’s how this tool provides an accurate and comprehensive range of suggestions for the given input. And the following picture proves this claim:

Pros of Wordtune

This web utility has been helpful to us while testing it. So, here are a few advantages we’ve noticed:

  • This tool provides a plethora of rephrasing suggestions for the entered text. So, even though this tool doesn’t use different modes to paraphrase the text, it still provides its users with different variations of the entered text.
  • As the output of this tool indicates, it produces high-quality and top-notch results. So, this online utility is another contender for the best websites for paraphrasing.
  • is rich in terms of integration with other platforms. So, whether you want to add the functionality of this tool to your favorite website or Microsoft Word, you can use this tool’s add-on.
  • Besides rephrasing, this tool can also modify the tone of your content to a casual or formal writing style.
  • You can also make your content concise or add depth to your text by using

Cons of this online tool

While this tool produces high-quality results, it also has some disadvantages. They are as follows:

  • Apparently, there is no word count limit in this tool. But if you are a free user or visitor, you can process ten rephrases in one day. After that, you will have to purchase its premium membership.
  • This tool is not available in multiple languages.
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WordAi is a subscription-based paraphrasing tool that takes assistance from the combination of NLP and Machine Learning (ML) to process the rephrasing of the text. This web utility works in different phases.

  • In the first phase, it tries to understand the meaning of the entered text. And for that, this tool analyzes the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of text using its training from NLP technology. Once all that is done, this tool creates a model based on its understanding.
  • The next phase is the processing stage which will begin upon tapping the ‘Rewrite’ button. During this phase, will use the training from its machine language components to identify the patterns and relationships between the words of the entered text. So, that’s how this tool generates new and unique variations of input without modifying the context.
  • The last phase is the result presentation stage, where the tool will present the rephrased output.

However, let’s understand the working of this tool with an example. So, consider the following text sample:

Text Sample: The software can replace words, restructure sentence orders and reorder paragraphs in the input text with synonyms while maintaining the same overall meaning.

Upon running this sample into, here is the output we’ve got:

Pros of WordAi

Like the other tool, we’ve found this web utility helpful while testing it. So, here are the benefits we’ve observed while using this tool:

  • As the interface of this tool indicates, you can adjust the number of variations according to your liking.
  • The output quality of this tool is on-par with the utilities mentioned above. So, this tool is another contender for the best paraphrasing tool for academic writing or other forms of writing.
  • Like the first and second tools, you can add to your platform using its API integration.
  • As of now, there is no word count limit in this tool. So, it is ideal for rephrasing lengthy forms of content in one go.
  • You can adjust the level of rephrasing from ‘More Conversative’ to ‘Regular’ to ‘Adventurous. So, despite being an automated tool, this tool offers complete control to its users.

Cons of this utility

Despite producing high-quality and human-level results, this tool has some drawbacks. So, here are those disadvantages:

  • All the benefits of this tool are available with a premium membership. So, this tool is not ideal for people having a tight budget.
  • This tool is only available in the English language.
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You may know for its services in the field of SEO. But Semrush can do more than that. And its paraphrasing tool proves this claim.

The paraphrasing tool of Semrush is a freeware web utility that turns your bland words into engaging writing pieces. And for that, this tool takes assistance from advanced algorithms. It automatically detects the entered text’s ‘Tone of voice’ and ‘Readability. And when users click the ‘Paraphrase’ button, this tool provides three input variations.

Let’s see how this tool paraphrases the text. And for that, we’ll use the following text sample:

Text Sample: The sun was setting over the horizon, casting a warm orange glow over the sky. The trees rustled in the gentle breeze, and birds chirped in the distance. It was a peaceful evening, and the world seemed to slow down just a little bit. As I sat on the porch, sipping a cup of tea, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for this moment of quiet and calm. It was a reminder that amidst the chaos of everyday life, there were still pockets of tranquility to be found.

Upon paraphrasing this text sample into the paraphrasing tool of, we’ve got the following results:

Pros of this free paraphrasing tool

This web utility has been helpful to us while testing it. So, here are a few advantages we’ve noticed:

  • This paraphrasing tool gives three different result variations for the entered text. Each variation will have a different ‘Tone of Voice’ and ‘Readability’ status. So, it is ideal for overcoming writer’s block.
  • As you can see in the above images, the output of this tool is human-friendly.
  • This paraphrasing tool can automatically detect the readability score. So, you can use that readability score to make your writing piece more reader-friendly.

Cons of SEMRush’s paraphrasing tool

While this tool produces high-quality results, it also has some disadvantages. They are as follows:

  • Despite being a freeware web utility, this tool can only process 200 words in one go.
  • The results of its paraphrasing engine are not as unique as other tools.


All in all, AI paraphrasing tools have become a crucial resource for content creators in 2023. However, due to the advancement in technology, various options are available. So, choosing one tool from multiple options can be challenging. To answer this need, we’ve researched and tested many tools. After the hard work of various days, we’ve found the five tools that incorporate the latest technologies to meet the needs of people in 2023.

However, it is challenging to name the best because what’s best for us may not be best for you. That is why we’ve demonstrated the working of each tool with real-time examples. So, read the above discussion to know which tools are the top 5 AI paraphrasing tools of 2023.


Is there an AI that can paraphrase?

Yes, there are many AI-based paraphrasing tools that you can use to paraphrase content. The tools we’ve mentioned above are all AI-based.

Which is a very strong paraphrasing tool?

The paraphrasing tool by Editpad and Paraphraser are very strong paraphrasing tools.

Is paraphrasing tool cheating?

If you use a paraphrasing tool on small pieces of content and then reference the original source, then this will not be counted as cheating.

What is the best paraphrasing tool to remove plagiarizing?

Paraphraser is one of the best paraphrasing tools to remove plagiarism.

How do you paraphrase AI writing?

You can paraphrase AI writing by using any of the tools listed above. Some good tools that you can use for this purpose are Paraphraser and

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