Tribute Brand brings virtual and physical worlds together with its new project, PUNK

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Tribute Brand releases a collection of 10,000 digital assets that grant holders access to interactive experiences

The assets cost 0.03 ETH and are available on the company’s new website

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Digital fashion house Tribute Brand drops its first in-house collection, “PUNK.” The startup, which raised $4.5 million in July, brings together the virtual and physical worlds. Its new project, which comes out today, introduces an interoperable experience backed by digital assets.

Tribute Brand developed a collection of 10,000 PUNK logos on its new platform. The assets, which go for 0.03 ETH (approximately $40 at the time of writing), grant holders access to three interactive experiences. 

Tribute Brand

First of all, owners will receive $PUNKY – 3D digital downloadable creatures. The toy mascots can be used as avatars or augmented reality objects in mixed-world settings. Then, the brand will drop its community generative unique-to-holder logo PFPs. Notably, the collection is released under a Creative Commons License, so holders can use Tribute Brand’s art to develop something creative.

Tribute Brand

Holders will also have the option to redeem their digital assets for physical PUNK-branded tracksuits. The items are incrusted with Near Field Communication chips, which enable the connection of physical garments with the Tribute App. 

Tribute Brand’s PUNK gets inspiration from Victoria’s Secret brand PINK. Tribute Brand rethought its concept and added a signature punk attitude to the collection. The company uses visual associations, such as ripped clothing, to emphasize the impact of Victoria’s Secret’s conventional beauty standards on society and culture. 

“Digital fashion shouldn’t be a replica of the physical world, but rather a totally new and exciting way to leverage digital platforms and reimagine the boundaries of self-expression. Through a tailored user experience, our advanced and proprietary technology enables a variety of cross-world styling applications that cover all identities and lead the way toward mass adoption of digital fashion,”

said Tribute Brand’s CEO and Co-Creative Director, Gala Marija Vrbanic.

In July this year, Gala Marija Vrbanic told Metaverse Post about her vision of the future of digital clothing. Gala then emphasized that Tribute Brand was not just a digital fashion platform but also a fashion tech house that develops utilities to wear items. 


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