DressX becomes the first digital brand to drop a collection on Roblox

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Clothing brand DressX has announced the release of its first collection on Roblox

Roblox is an online game platform first released in September 2006. It allows its users to “imagine, create, and have fun with friends.” The players can program their games and participate in games created by others. 

DressX is a Metaverse fashion multi-brand store. The company has released a variety of digital and physical collaborations in the past months. The list includes a corner in the French multi-brand store Printemps and a digital jeans collection with American Eagle Outfitters. More than that, DressX has recently been announced as one of the LVMH Innovation Award finalists. 

DressX is the first pure-play digital fashion brand to release a collection on Roblox.

The collection includes digital fashion garments which were created with Roblox’s Layered Clothing technology. It gives the clothes a realistic look. The technology gives users the possibility to mix and match different body styles and outfits.

Nine items currently make part of the DressX collection. They are already available for purchase and wear on Roblox and other digital platforms. 

The pieces can also be bought and worn for the editorial photo dressing or instant dressing in AR via the DressX app.

The price range for garments is from $25 for a blank white sweatshirt to $45 for a Hype Kills sweatshirt. 

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