Teodora Atanasova, Founding team member, and head of business development and investor relations at Nexo

Teodora Atanasova, Founding team member, and head of business development and investor relations at Nexo

Teodora Atanasova is a proponent of blockchain with knowledge of investor relations and legal matters relating to cryptocurrencies. She earned a degree in international business law from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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Atanasova joined the Nexo team shortly after graduating from college and participated in business development and investment initiatives during the company’s 2018 private token sale. She has held a variety of positions while at Nexo, focusing the most of her energy on creating and establishing partnerships for the business.

Atanasova is constantly looking to connect with like-minded individuals and have discussions about the creation of sustainable competitive solutions in fintech, blockchain, travel, and anything else that helps with the modernization of economies.


A debit and credit Mastercard with cryptocurrency backing has been made available to residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) via the decentralized lending platform Nexo in Bulgaria. The statement from August 31 states that the Nexo Card would let users to make debit transactions at more than 100 million merchant terminals globally using their stablecoins denominated in euros, dollars, and British pounds. It is stated that interest on held sums would be paid annually of up to 9%.

Major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are utilized as collateral for credit transactions on the Nexo Card, which offers up to 2% cash back and 16% annual interest rates on used credit lines. When consumers spend their cryptocurrency at terminals, both debit and credit transactions instantly turn it into fiat currency. Ledger and Bakkt, according to Nexo, insure custodied assets.


Beginning in 2022, clients of Nexo will be able to use their Bored Apes and CryptoPunks NFTs as collateral upon the opening of its brand-new NFT loan desk. Nexo believes that NFT use cases will extend and that the company’s services will improve as a result of the inclusion of new collections that can be used as collateral, among other things, even though the blockchain-based digital treasures are often utilized as profile photographs.

Nexo Booster, a leverage product, is now accessible to its 3 million customers and integrates with a number of other Nexo services, such as its loyalty cashback program.

Overall, Nexo asserts that it provides the service to its 3.5 million clients and currently manages more than $13 billion in assets. In 2022, if the business grows at the same rate, it is anticipated that it would significantly increase its social media presence and surpass 200,000 Twitter followers.

By enabling users to borrow money against their nonfungible tokens, it is anticipated that Nexo will work throughout the year to make complex traditional finance strategies, including fractional ownership and art financing, more compatible with blockchain and the Metaverse. These services will also enable users to borrow cryptocurrencies in a manner similar to that of Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines service.

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