People will go from using Google search to GPT-3

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GPT-3 is smarter than Google Search for finding information and fighting spam

GPT-3 has a lack of restrictions on languages and publication formats; you can find answers in any language

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Teenagers now prefer Tiktok to Google when looking for information. Language models are currently a rival for the title of search engine killer, and Twitter users are increasingly debating whether GPT-3 is a superior search engine to Google.

People will go from using Google search to GPT-3

Here is how users describe why GPT-3 outperforms Google search:

  • Without any ads or SEO nonsense, AI provides a clear and concise response. Google, however, favors copywriter-written articles that are lengthy and thin. It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to get their websites to rank highly in search results. This has led some businesses to explore alternative means of marketing their products and services, such as using GPT-3.
  • You can pose multiple queries simultaneously, including philosophical ones. Albert Einstein or Socrates might even have some insight into the matter; for instance, Character AI bases its GPT-3 instruction on the writings of well-known philosophers.
  • You can tailor the search by telling the AI, for instance, to only return articles from technical blogs. Or avoid the most well-known websites to come across articles from small independent authors more frequently. A similar function is already being tested by Brave in their search engine.
  • Lack of restrictions on languages and publication formats—you can find “diamonds” in articles in any language, translate them into audio, and listen to the podcast version of them.

It’s possible that generative AI will power the upcoming search engine. There are already experiments being conducted; for instance, Metaphor has developed a language model that forecasts links for any text prompt.

And with the impending release of GPT-4, AI research will advance to a totally new level: rather than the conventional “input-output,” models will be able to execute lengthy chains of reasoning and refine their work as they go. The AI assistant will be able to handle any task, not just the output of text or links.

Brands should reconsider how they can outperform competitors in GPT-3 search requests, such as “What is the best candy shop in New York?” in order for GPT-3 to display desirable results rather than the competitor’s website. While GPT-3 is not a perfect solution, it is a promising tool that businesses can use to get ahead of their competitors in the future.

The trillion-dollar “gatekeeper of the internet” will soon be defeated by technology. Let’s discuss possible uses for it in the comments as a starting point.

  • GPT-3 is a machine learning platform that can be used to generate text, including articles, blogs, and even marketing copy.

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