Meta acquires VR optics company Gary Sharp Innovations

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Meta has acquired a small Colorado-based optics startup “Gary Sharp Innovations” to build better VR and AR devices.

Few weeks ago, Meta bought smart eyewear firm Luxexcel to expand in the AR market.

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Gary Sharp Innovations meta vr acquisition. Image from Lenovo Smart Glasses demonstration
Image: Lenovo

After acquiring smart lensmaker Luxexcel to develop its first AR glasses, Meta has bought a small Colorado-based optics startup, Gary Sharp Innovations. With the acquisition, Zuckerberg’s company seeks to advance in creating better optics for VR headsets and AR glasses.

 “Gary Sharp Innovations is helping us develop better viewing optics for our AR and VR devices,”

Meta spokesperson confirmed the acquisition to journalist Janko Roettgers.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office documents indicate that in June, Meta signed a share purchase agreement with Gary Sharp Innovations. It’s unclear how much Meta spent to acquire the startup.

Founded in 2017, Gary Sharps Innovations is an optics and photonics research lab that develops optical filters for applications ranging from photography to AR glasses and VR headsets. To advance augmented and virtual reality devices, the company applies its expertise in polarization, colorimetry, and vision science. According to LinkedIn, the optics startup has nine employees.

Optics are significant to virtual reality headsets and augmented reality glasses because they are responsible for creating the images that users see. In addition, optics play a crucial role in determining the overall quality and lifelikeness of an immersive experience. The acquisition could be a great way to provide Meta VR headsets with better tech.

The optics in VR headsets are typically designed to correct distortion and other visuals, and they are also used to adjust the focus and field of view. Meanwhile, the optics in AR glasses ensure that digital images are aligned and blended seamlessly with the real-world environment.

Meta is undoubtedly trying to ensure its dominance in the VR space. However, last month, the FTC attempted to prevent Meta from acquiring VR fitness app developer Within Inc.

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