GPT-4’s Incredible Ability to Recognize and Explain Humor in Text and Images

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OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-4, has advanced algorithms and larger databases, enabling it to understand humor even better than GPT-3.

GPT-4 can generate its own humorous content and explain humor presented in image form with text.

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While the early ChatGPT already has a pretty good understanding of jokes and humor, OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-4, takes it to a whole new level. With its larger databases and more weights in its model file, GPT-4 can crack better jokes than ever. It can also recognize different types of humor in written and visual forms, as well as explain and write jokes with greater ease and accuracy.

With vast knowledge, GPT-4 is designed to comprehend various forms of language, including humor. However, jokes are subjective, and what one person finds amusing, another might not. Thus, ChatGPT’s ability to recognize humor depends on various factors, such as the context and the language’s nuances.

In the example below, GPT-4 understands and explains a visual joke. The meme’s text suggests that the image below is a breathtaking picture of the earth from space. Yet, the image is actually of chicken nuggets arranged to resemble a map of the world, and GPT-4 gets it. The language model explains that the humor in this meme is derived from the unexpected contrast between the text and the image. The text creates an anticipation of a grandiose image of the earth, but instead, the image is trivial and humorous.

GPT-4’s Incredible Ability to Recognize and Explain Humor in Text and Images
Source: OpenAI

OpenAI’s latest model can also understand satire presented in the form of images with text. Here, GPT-4 explains how the comic strip humorously highlights the differences in the approaches used to enhance model performance between statistical learning and neural networks.

GPT-4’s Incredible Ability to Recognize and Explain Humor in Text and Images
Source: OpenAI

The language model can identify patterns and structures commonly associated with humor, but it takes a special kind of intelligence to appreciate the joke on a deeper level. That’s why, while GPT-4 can recognize some forms of humor, it still has a ways to go before it can fully understand and appreciate the complexities of humor.

Users on Twitter have shared their experiences with GPT-4’s humor-making abilities. 

GPT-4 only comes up with “light-hearted and friendly jokes that can bring laughter to the event without hurting anyone’s feelings.” As in the previous model, it was taught to decline inappropriate or insulting joke requests.

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