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What is Client?

A client can be a single application or an entire system that uses a server’s services. A client can connect to a server using several methods such as domain sockets, named pipes, shared memory, or Internet protocols, which is the most often used technique since the Internet’s widespread acceptance.

Understanding Client

Clients are divided into three categories:
Thin Client: A client application with few functions that uses the resources given by a host machine and is usually just responsible for displaying server-processed results. It simply outsources most or all of its processing to a server.
Thick/Fat Client: The inverse of the thin client. It can perform most of its work without the need for a central server, but it may need to connect to one for some information, uploading, or updating data or the program itself. Anti-virus software falls into this category because it does not require a connection to a server to function, yet it must connect on a regular basis to download new viruses.

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