This guy made a real Ready Player One setup and it actually works… sort of

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A YouTube called ThrillSeeker has created a setup to end all setups. By adding a full-body motion capture system, a multidirectional treadmill, and even a “scent” system that pumps sweet smells into his nose, he’s created the ultimate VR experience that mirrors Ready Player One’s immersive system almost completely.

“Today we dive into a video that has been on my mind and in the words for a LONG time. For the first time I put together all of the world’s craziest VR hardware that anyone can purchase and recreated the setup found in Ready Player One’s books/movie,” he wrote.

The setup included a Varjo XR3 headset, Katwalk C treadmill, Bhaptics full body haptics, VRFree Gloves, and a Celia Scent module. While it looks cool, he said the system broke down pretty quickly under normal use, which means you and I will never be able to set this thing up correctly in a derelict shipping container in a dystopian version of Columbus, Ohio. Back to the drawing board, I guess!

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John Biggs

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