Shiba Inu celebrated Aug. 2 birthday with CCG game announcement

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Shiba Inu celebrated their second birthday on August 2. To commemorate the occasion, they dropped new details on their much-awaited collectible card game (CCG)–now known to the world as “Shiba Eternity.” 

In addition, they announced that fans would be able to cop the forthcoming, mobile-geared game from Apple’s App Store and Google Play, depending on their gear. Closing out their celebration, Shiba Inu also teased the game’s logo, emulating perhaps Pokemon’s classic silhouette template. 

Members of the “Shib Army” had heard rumblings of games from the ecosystem since at least November 2021, when project lead Shytoshi Kusam wrote a Medium post titled “The Future of Gaming Is Shib.” Kusama outlined his opinions on the Metaverse and Shib’s potential place in it. The article started with a quote from Sun Tzu’s iconic book The Art of War. 

“For months while working on various aspects of what has grown into the greatest ‘meme’ token of all time, I’ve continually tried to zoom out,” Kusama followed. “What is Shib becoming? How can Shib grow into more than anyone expects? How do all these aspects fit together?”

Without explaining why gaming, he dove into how it will prove viable. “The only way to create a 7 figure game that is worthy of 1 Million FriendShibs is to find a perfectly fitting AAA Studio and build it with them,” Kusama wrote. “We scoured the internet and sent out messages to multiple studios who, basically, ignored us.” 

Yesterday’s tweet stated at last that Shib eventually partnered in PlaySide Studios. But, for months, NDAs kept that information under wraps.

Kusama’s Medium post last November did announce, however, that William David Volk joined the team as a consultant, bringing critical experience from Activision during the groundbreaking 1990s and operating an independent studio afterward. But, of course, Volk knew about PlaySide in November, and he couldn’t say anything. 

“I am honored to be working with an amazing team on what will become one of the most significant games of all time,” Volk was able to remark. However, he wouldn’t just say that Kusama assured the Shib Army: “That’s huge in my humble opinion because you have to remember that William is no ordinary game developer; he’s a true visionary with decades of top-notch high quality experience.”

Shib suffered just like every other cryptocurrency as the bear market put memecoins to the test, but recent plot developments show they’ve got more fight in store. First, Shib just added exchanges and made progress on their burn-for-cash protocol. Then last week, Times Tabloid reported that Ethereum’s biggest whales increased their $SHIB holdings by 580 percent. 

Check out WhaleStats–SHIB is the third most held asset in terms of financial value and by far the most held in terms of quantity. It’s insane. ApeCoin, for instance, trails.

Did the Shib Metaverse spark these whales’ interest? A premonition of the “significant” mobile CCG they just hyped a little further? Without any gameplay information, it’s impossible to tell. But if you want the inside scoop, Reddit seems like the best place. 

Via Reddit.

“Imma be honest I am bearish on this,” one r/shibarmy user wrote on a thread related to Shib’s birthday announcements. “Releasing a game when the fear and greed index is through the roof can sometimes fall on deaf ears,” another user responded. “This will become bullish, but hard to say that it’s the right time right now.”

“Look at Pokémon it’s a card game right nobody knew it was going to be popular right maybe this game can be popular too,” someone else wrote. “Now imagine u earn money to play,” was the reply. 

Another holder regularly laments across threads these flashy distractions from Shib’s central purpose as an alternative currency. “Whales, institutional and serious investors collectively own 98%+, do NOT burn, don’t give a damn about the childish dog artwork, and make money with each Shib cycle,” they wrote in response to a recent meme post. “Shib is not a children’s game.”

That may or may not turn out to be true. 

The possibilities are endless, and conflicting truths can coexist at once. Shib is a meme coin, but one with serious swaying power. Kusama has an ambitious vision for an ecosystem where holders can choose their adventure. Provided the CCG hits its rumored September 2022 release date, we’ll see if Shiba Eternity opens another path up soon.

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