Steve Aoki, American DJ, record producer and voice actor.

Steve Aoki, American DJ, record producer and voice actor.

Steve Aoki is the first DJ in the music industry to join the NFT wave. For Steve Aoki entering the world of cryptocurrencies, art seems like a logical move because his music is a genre breakthrough. So why not make another breakthrough in the field of crypto-art?
Metaverse Post ┬╗ Steve Aoki, American DJ, record producer and voice actor.

Personal Brand Presence3/ 10
Authoritativeness2/ 10
Expertise5/ 10
Influence6/ 10
Overall Rating4/ 10

The first DJ to join the NFT wave in the music industry is Steve Aoki. Since Steve Aoki’s music is a genre breakthrough, his entry into the world of cryptocurrencies feels like a natural step. So why not achieve yet another breakthrough in crypto-art?

In 2022


Many NFT kits have already been made available by Steve Aoki. Steve worked with creative director and artist Antonio Tudisco for his initial market debut. Together, they produced a piece of art that is also available in printed form. More than $4 million US was paid for the artwork.

Additionally, Aoki most recently collaborated with renowned motivational speaker Tom Bileus to promote a brand-new work of art named Neon Future. Digital artist Maciej Kisara produced the science fiction comic Neon Future, which is available on the Nifty Gateway website.

It’s interesting to note that Steve Aoki and Nifty Gateway, a blockchain marketplace owned by Gemini, have a lengthy history of collaboration that goes far beyond the publication of a single science fiction comic.

Being able to purchase paintings as NFT collectibles, according to Steve Aoki, is a novel method for him to merge his love of music, art, and collecting.

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