Rekt Capital, Trader and technical analyst

Rekt Capital, Trader and technical analyst

Rekt Capital is a pseudonymous cryptocurrency analyst who shares macro research, commentary and technical analysis related to crypto markets. He publishes a newsletter and provides courses that help educate traders on how to make informed decisions when buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether and popular altcoins.
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He has a YouTube channel where he investigates market trends and opportunities in addition to Twitter, where he posts charts and explanations. The trader has more than 300,000 followers on his different social media accounts, including Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, and many well-known people. The analyst is regularly profiled and cited in prestigious media outlets including Cointelegraph, Forbes, HackerNoon, and The Startup. In the platform’s crypto publications category, his Rekt Capital Newsletter is currently ranked fourth internationally.

Risk management, technical analysis, altcoin investing, and bitcoin investing are the four courses offered by Rekt Capital. Intricacies of charts and indicators for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are covered in the courses. Although the classes aren’t free, students have given the material favorable feedback.

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Rekt Capital, one of the top trading platforms in the cryptocurrency market, is anticipated to keep playing a significant role in the community of crypto traders in 2022. In order to provide additional value to people who follow and read his writings, he is still spending his days engrossed in charts, as seen by his online activity at the beginning of 2022. Due to the continued high demand for assistance and analysis of the cryptocurrency market, his platform may continue to grow rapidly in 2022.

Rekt Capital might possibly provide other courses to supplement his current online programs, though there has been no official statement to that effect. Rekt is one such alternative for anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with the markets as the demand for trustworthy instructional materials to learn how to use and trade cryptocurrency is expected to grow throughout the year.

While many people have expressed concern over Bitcoin’s scary start to 2022, Rekt Capital has stated that BTC needs the severe panic in the market in order to come closer to a price turnaround. A BTC decline can be ended by a single bullish catalyst, the expert again reminded his audience.

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