Grand Theft Auto (GTA) creators raise $7.6 million seed round for Web3 gaming studio Random Games

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grand theft auto

Blockchain video game studio Random Games has raised $7.6 million in seed round funding led by Resolute Ventures and Asymmetric, with participation from investors ID345, IGNIA, 2 Punks Capital, and Polygon

Random Games was co-founded by expert veterans of the gaming industry: Tony Harman, the creator of GTA, Donkey Kong, and Crackdown, along with Wyeth Ridgway, who created popular games like MLB, WWE2K, and Pirates of the Caribbean. The rest of the development team includes Paul Walborsky, David Jones, and Brent Friedman—who worked on major titles, such as Call of Duty and Star Wars.

With the investment, Random Games plans to reshape the traditional videogame business and launch the ‘Unioverse’ – Random Games’ community-based game franchise that combines blockchain gaming and free distribution of digital assets. 

 “In the Unioverse, blockchain technology is organically and thoughtfully incorporated and will change the name of the game in the entertainment economy,”  

said Joe McCann, founder and CEO of Asymmetric. 

The Unioverse differs from other platforms by offering assets used to create video games to the community and developers. Creators can develop and sell any creation, such as games, comic books, objects, and movies, in the virtual world. 

NFTs will be present in the Unioverse. Users will have to purchase NFT player avatars to access the games inside the virtual world. Players will be able to buy, sell, and trade these NFTs with other users. 

The Unioverse also welcomes third-party developers to create and sell games without paying royalties. Revenues from NFT avatar sales will be destined for the Game Developer Fund, which aims to finance third-party games and in-game creations. 

 “The Unioverse is poised to change the relationship between game developers and players in a way that benefits everyone involved,”  

Raanan Bar-Cohen, co-founder of Resolute Ventures, stated.

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