Google’s AI allows limitless movement over landscapes with a single image

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Google study shows how to create 3D videos using a single image – video

AI can build 3D environments that are comprehensive, lifelike, and consistent

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A new project from Google has demonstrated that a single image can be used to create an AI-generated video that moves through a landscape in a realistic fashion. The research is based on a method called “view synthesis,” which takes inspiration from the bird visual effect. The technique uses a neural network to parse an image and extract depth information from it.

Google's AI allows limitless movement over landscapes with a single image
Image created by Midjourney AI

This allows the algorithm to generate new views of the scene as if the camera was moved to different positions. The result is a realistic video that shows the object or person moving through the landscape.

“This technology can produce far longer camera trajectories than earlier video synthesis systems and allows the user to interactively manipulate the camera. Our research suggests potential algorithms for creating 3D environments that are comprehensive, lifelike, and consistent.”

This work has a lot of fascinating potential directions in the future. For instance, there is currently no persistent underlying 3D representation, and our approaches solely synthesize scene content depending on the previous frame and its depth map. This research hints at the development of algorithms that can create 3D environments that are comprehensive, lifelike, and consistent.

The potential applications of this technology are limitless. For example, it could be used to create realistic location-scouting videos for movies or TV shows. It could also be used to generate realistic VR experiences. By using all of those spans and images as training data, AI is building this universe.

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