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What is Cloud?

The term “cloud” refers to Internet-accessible servers as well as the software and databases that run on those servers. Cloud servers are housed in data centers worldwide. Users and businesses who use cloud computing do not have to operate physical servers or run software programs on their own equipment.

Understanding Cloud

Because computing and storage take place on servers in a data center rather than locally on the user device, users can access the same files and programs from nearly any device. This is why, if a user logs in to their Instagram account on a new phone after their old phone breaks, they will discover their old account intact, complete with all of their photographs, videos, and chat history. It is the same with cloud email providers such as Gmail or Microsoft Office 365, as well as cloud storage providers such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Switching to cloud computing eliminates some IT costs and overhead for businesses: for example, they no longer need to upgrade and maintain their own servers because the cloud vendor will do so. This is especially significant for small enterprises that may not have been able to finance their own internal infrastructure but may now easily outsource their infrastructure needs via the cloud. Because employees and consumers can access the same data and applications from any place, the cloud can also make it easier for businesses to function abroad.

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