Anonymice NFTs to Enter Minecraft Metaverse

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Today, on April 5th, the NFT project Anonymice will enter the Metaverse. The news was announced on the official Twitter, featuring an image of an NFT from Critterz collection. The latter also posted a tweet that reveals a Mice image behind the Minecraft-built trees. 

Critterz is a Play-to-earn game built on Minecraft servers, a fully on-chain NFT project based on Ethereum blockchain. Its Metaverse is built by community, offering 22,500 genesis plots to claim as NFTs. Once purchased, the players can built anything on top of their lands, walk around and earn $BLOCK while having fun. 

Anonymice is a 100% on-chain project as well. The creators did not take royalties during the initial genesis mice mint, and burning mechanism to re-roll traits into a new one, introducing this way a revolutionary tokenised minting process. The genesis Anonymice NFT collection of 10.000 items ended up with 6700 nfts burned and only 3300 actually available, is followed by Anonymice Babies, currently listing 3.550 NFTs. To breed a baby Mice, a user would need 2 Anonymice Parents and 50 $CHEETH, the token that powers the Anonymice ecosystem, to be locked for around 3 months of incubation. In order to earn $CHEETH, the holders have an opportunity to stake their ‘mouse’ and generate the token daily.

With the two projects partnering we can imagine the Mice will be integrated into the Critterz and Minecraft land, and the owners will have a chance to play with their NFTs on their lands.

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