BAYC and SUPERPLASTIC Created Vinyl Collectibles

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Superplastic is an entertainment brand that creates Vinyl collectibles, now also backed up by NFTs. Previously, the company has collaborated with Gucci, Gorrilaz, Ricardo Cavolo and others. 

This time, SUPERPLASTIC has teamed up with Bored Ape Yacht Club in order to create a limited edition “SuperBored” collection, featuring the vinyl statute caricatures on BAYCs. 

The price of a vinyl figure is going to be $222, with only two copies of the same BAYC available. 

More than that, the collaboration is going to be include BAYC and SUPERPLASTIC NFTs, that would give the holders access to special edition figures. 

The process of the drop is scheduled: first, BAYC NFT holders will get access to “BAYC Curtis” for 15 minutes; then, Superplastic Cryptojankyz & Headtripz NFT holders get access to “Superplastic Skipper” for 15 minutes; afterwards, MAYC NFT holders get access to “MAYC Curtis” for 15 minutes; and only then, general public will get access to “Public Curtis” and “Public Skipper” for 15 minutes.

The open edition drop will start on 1pm ET on April 14th on SUPERPLASTIC website. As stated previously, each edition will only be available for 15 minutes. 

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