WonderHero Token Collapses After Hack

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Following a massive hack of Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game, another cryptocurrency-based P2E was hacked. The attack on WonderHero was discovered on April 7th, the game’s official Medium page states

WonderHero is an NFT turn-based role-playing mobile game inspired by anime. The users collect Heroes and earn game tokens ($WND). On April 7th the token price suddenly dropped at 50 percent, which has brought up questioning among the game players, so the team started investigating straightaway. “The attackers managed to get the signature and minted 80M $WND”, WonderHero crew informs. The hack was executed on the game’s cross-chain bridging withdrawal. The attacker managed to mint $WND and cash it out for approximately $300,000. 

The game’s official Twitter advises not to trade $WND at the moment. WonderHero’s team therefore states that the users’ tokens and accounts on Polygon are safe. 

The team works on the investigation and correction of the system. WonderHero has suspended its website, bridge services, game services, removing liquidity, smart contracts, stopped all the deposits, withdrawals and trading services until further notice.

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