Two Metaverses in One: The Sandbox Partners With Star Atlas to Open a Contest

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Star Atlas and The Sandbox collide to bring rewards and exciting experiences to gamers. The two futuristic virtual worlds will open a contest, ‘Star Atlas VoxEdit,’ which will be open for submissions from May 2 until May 15. 

As Animoca Brands, the company behind The Sandbox explained, players will be given a chance to act as an envoy from The Sandbox. They will visit three galactic factions (ONI, Ustur, and MUD) in Star Atlas with a task that requires creating a report on their findings. The report will need to be visual – a designed portrait of one of the faction’s inhabitants. To do so, players will use the free VoxEdit software from The Sandbox. 

Well known producer and DJ in Web3 space BLONDISH, who is already active in both metaverses, will join the contest creating cosmic sounds. The contestants will have an additional task to design a headpiece for an intergalactic faction, and the DJ will choose a winner who will receive Star Atlas spaceship NFTs.

Star Atlas is a metaverse game built on the Solana blockchain that focuses on “grand-strategy space exploration.” Its virtual world is made for sci-fi and gaming lovers with cinematic and hyper-realistic imagery. After the metaverse is developed, Star Atlas should provide an immersive top-notch 3D world. 

“This contest is the beginning of a new bridge linking metaverses to each other, with the goal to bring more content and cross-platform integration to both of our audiences. We can’t wait to see the amazing assets that our communities will create!” said Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox. 

Team members of both metaverses will vote and announce results on June 11. The top four places will receive Star Atlas spaceship NFTs and split 50,000 in The Sandbox’s official token SAND (currently worth around $125,000).

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