Toyota and Nissan Will Enter the Metaverse

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Japanese automobile manufacturers Toyota and Nissan are building their virtual spaces. 

Toyota has opted for the Metaverse-held employee meetings and virtual workspaces. Due to the lockdown in some countries still in force, the company’s representatives claim that virtual workspace would be a great way to communicate in a more immersive way. To interact, the employees will be using avatars. 

Nissan is launching a virtual showroom in order to host vehicle launches and other events. The company’s aim is to use its Invisible-to-Visible augmented reality interface in order to make a virtual reality version of the Nissan Crossing Gallery in Tokyo. VRChat, an American startup, will be used additionally to amplify the virtual tour. 

The European counterparts of the Japanese auto manufacturers are also exploring the possibilities of the Metaverse. Mercedes Benz has recently hired 5 NFT artists, while Volkswagen has already released an NFT collection. 

Among other automobile companies that are entering the Metaverse are Lamborghini, Ferrari, Hyundai, Audi and McLaren. 

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