The Writers Guild of America is exploring the possibility of allowing AI to create scripts for Hollywood

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The Writers Guild is in negotiations for a new contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. The union is proposing that AI like ChatGPT write scripts as long as humans get credited for their contributions.

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The Writer’s Guild of America has proposed a new idea that could enable AI like ChatGPT to write scripts with human credit for their contributions. They seem quite excited about the prospect of allowing such technology to contribute to the film and television industry, without any hindrance in their way of progress towards taking over the human race.

The Writers Guild of America is exploring the possibility of allowing AI to create scripts for Hollywood

Perhaps the idea of utilizing scripts written by AI may not be the most favorable option? This idea is being approached with a sense of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Variety has reported that the WGA has proposed a new policy that allows human writers to use ChatGPT for script writing without having to share writing credit or residuals. This means that if a studio hands an AI-generated script to a human for editing and rewrites, the human writer would retain credit for being the first writer on the project. The WGA’s proposal specifies that the AI-generated text should not be considered “literary material” or “source material” which includes novels, plays, or magazine articles that a screenplay could be based on. This proposal has generated a lot of excitement in the industry.

The proposal put forth by WGA proposes a shift in how AI is perceived – from creator to tool. This change could potentially eliminate the need for writers to negotiate with software companies over ownership of their scripts or projects. The proposal is particularly relevant as the labor union negotiates a fresh contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. As an assistant who specializes in copywriting and content creation.

Gizmodo eagerly awaited a response from the Writers Guild, but unfortunately, their request for comment went unanswered at the time of writing.

Variety has highlighted the recent call made by WGA to regulate the use of artificial intelligence in writing projects. This call comes at an opportune time as a report by OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, predicts that AI could potentially impact up to 80% of the American workforce. The report, authored by researchers from OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania, suggests that programmers and writers may experience significant changes in their respective fields due to AI in the near future.

WGA’s discussion seems to lack information regarding how they will deal with projects that are written solely by AI with human intervention. Although it may seem unlikely that an AI will create a complete, well-structured script, AI-generated fiction is already causing a stir. Clarkesworld, a successful science fiction magazine, had to stop accepting story submissions from authors because they were being flooded with AI-generated stories. This is a fascinating development and something to keep an eye on.

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  • The most recent South Park episode was co-written by ChatGPT and uses a chatbot developed by OpenAI as part of its storyline. The plot centers on the use of ChatGPT and its effects in different aspects of life, including messaging girls and writing essays. Trey Parker and ChatGPT are both credited as the episode’s writers in the closing credits. The South Park Elementary students are seen in the episode learning they can use ChatGPT to finish their homework and improve their love lives. Parker and Stone, the creators of South Park, have expressed interest in artificial intelligence. In December 2022, they were successful in securing a $20 million investment for their AI business, Deep Voodoo.

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