The Sandbox brings Thunderbirds into the Metaverse

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The Sandbox is partnering with Thunderbirds and Reality+ to bring the show into the Metaverse

Thunderbirds was a British science-fiction show set in the 2060s created by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson. It used marionettes and scale models as actors in order to create the “Supermarionation” technique. It tells the story of an organization that rescues people in need and saves lives. 

Reality+ (formerly Reality Gaming Group) is a British company that has worked with the blockchain gaming space since 2017. They created games and collections connected to Doctor Who, the Smithies Universe, Reality Clash, and Emojibles. 

The collab will release a new generation of Metaverse avatars and create charity DAOs. They also plan to develop NFT collections and online Web3 experiences, including a Web3 game.

Thanks to The Sandbox and Reality+, “Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club” will also become a real rescue organization. Users will have the opportunity to send their NFTs on missions. Participants will earn real-life prizes and access to airdrops. Moreover, the companies will donate the proceeds from sales to a charity DAO, which will help people worldwide.

The Sandbox also hosts Belonging week in the Metaverse beginning Friday, June 24 (today), and individuals can join and celebrate Pride month!

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