The attorney that allegedly deceived the crypto community called out by online sleuths

Sosagui was a speaker at NFT NYC and other well-known Web3 conferences giving speeches as an attorney.

The young and promising NFT industry is full of fakes: advisors, scammers, hackers, and, apparently, lawyers. 

A person known as Aly Sosa or Aly Sosagui has been active in the crypto space as an attorney. She introduced herself as a dual law degree holder from the U.S. and Hong Kong and has claimed to be Web3, DeFi, and security advisor.

Having gained a name as a knowledgeable NFT lawyer, she then offered services in the industry for over a year. Sosagui was a speaker at NFT NYC and other well-known Web3 conferences giving speeches as an attorney in both real life and online events. A few crypto businesses even hired her as an attorney, convinced that Sosagui was an accredited lawyer and an expert in her field. 

Source: mr0.eth

After realizing that she didn’t have a valid attorney license, clients, including Twitter user mr0.eth, began exposing her on social media. However, Aly started allegedly blackmailing her former client, threatening to publish sensitive and private information from them if the posts were not deleted.

mr0.eth has reported that Sosagui has fraudulently used their private information, including their social security number. They sent a cease-and-desist letter to ensure she deletes confidential information, which she refused to do.

She has also purported to be a member of LexDAO, a digital cooperative for legal engineers, which has informed its followers about Sosagui’s fake identity. While the DAO is open to everyone, only approved members are lawyers. 

Source: mr0.eth

In addition, the founder of XSRI reported that the woman claimed to be a part of the non-profit company in her LinkedIn profile. After a request to delete the false affiliation, Sosagui removed the XSRI from her profile.

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