Supercar Start-up MContent to Sell NFTs

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Dubai-based startup MContent has announced it will sell Supercar NFTs. The collection will feature 12 NFT versions of Mercedes AMG GT Black Series.

The series is called Project Black, and it is going to be the first ever internationally distributed ownership of supercar NFTs. The 12 unique pieces are going to represent each month of a year. 

The CEO and founder of MContent, Umair Masoom, claims that Web3 allows the company to sell product experiences to more customers than inventory allows, all over the world. 

To create the graphics, MContent collaborated with Idriss B, an NFT artist, a friend of many celebrities among which Snoop Dogg, Akon and Lindsay Lohan. The holders of non-fungible tokens will receive digital and physical artworks by Idriss B. 

The first 3 NFTs are already listed on OpenSea. The artworks received the first bids during the live announcement, starting at approximately 25 ETH (nearly $80,000).

Famous bloggers Supercar Blondie and Arab G have participated in the NFT project campaigns.

The bidding on the first 3 NFTs will last for 12 days. A specific amount of earnings will be donated to the Rashid Center for People of Determination.

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