Puma and Salvatore Ferragamo take a step into NFTs

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salvatore ferragamo nft

Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo enters the Web3 fashion space by giving away free NFTs to buyers in its new concept store in Soho, New York. The store has also installed an NFT mirrored booth, with a screen showcasing colorful and animated works by digital artist Shxpir. 

The art is customizable and allows customers to explore diverse elements, shapes, and patterns. Moreover, the Ethereum-built NFTs can be instantly purchased on OpenSea. The store currently has 256 NFTs but plans to expand. 

Ferragamo has also integrated touch screens into the store, enabling visitors to customize and buy gender-neutral 6RENE sneakers as they can explore the shoes on a 3D photo-realistic hologram screen. The order can be placed in-store, and sneakers will be manufactured and shipped to the buyer’s home address in a few months.

In similar news, Puma joins Nike and Adidas in its next largest Web3 project in partnership with 10KTF. This time, Puma’s digital collectibles will be tied to physical items, such as sneakers, and users will be able to mint personalized and customizable NFT PFPs. The news was shared at the NFT.NYC event on Thursday night.

“We have to be thinking about engaging with people in the physical world and giving people the opportunity to bring physical products into the digital world,” Puma chief brand officer Adam Petrick told Vogue Bussiness.

10KTF is a digital artist’s Wagmi-san’s NFT studio in Metaverse city New Tokyo. In March, the brand collaborated with Gucci to create digital wearables for avatars in the digital world. Puma is bullish on Web3 and has even changed official Twitter’s name to PUMA.eth. Recently, the sports brand launched NFTs with the CatBlox community. Last month, Puma partnered with Manchester City football club to release an exclusive NFT drop. The German sportswear brand has also made its move into the Roblox Metaverse. 

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