Prominent 19-Year Old NFT Artist FEWOCiOUS Releases Generative Art Project ‘FewoWorld’

FewoWorld is “a place where emotions run free, and imaginations run wild,” inhabited by surreal creatures called Fewos.

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Fewocious, a.k.a Victor Langlois, is one of the first (and probably the youngest) NFT artists that rapidly rose in popularity when the NFT market exploded in early 2020. Now, he launched a new promising project FewoWorld – a creative experiment in the Web3 space.

FewoWorld is “a place where emotions run free, and imaginations run wild,” inhabited by surreal creatures called Fewos. The virtual world’s first NFT drop ‘Paint’ was created with the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway. ‘Paint’ is the building block in the FewoWorld with an unlimited supply. Every ‘Paint’ is a unique, generative work of art

Depending on how many ‘Paint’ units a user purchases, they receive one unique ‘Paint Drop’ NFT. More paint in the ‘Paint Drop’ means more unlocked objects in the FewoWorld. Canvas is the reward for paint holders and attendees of Paint Parties. ‘Paint Drop’ NFTs will provide holders with utilities for the developing world made by Fewocious and his community.

FewoWorld entices with its colorfulness and dreamlike atmosphere. The project’s mission is to connect everyone together in an artistic environment where everyone can create.

“Making FewoWorld was daunting… Web3 is this new technology that the world doesn’t quite understand yet, and I’m in this unique position to make this crazy new universe… When you make a world, what goes in the world and what doesn’t, and what is our world made of? Let me tell you, I went for so many walks, staring into cracks in the wall or graffiti, and how it fades away slightly, and I’m used to drawing people but making FewoWorld is like: ’What does the grass look like? What do windows when they’re a little bit dusty look like? They don’t look like in real life, do they?’ It’s thinking about little things like that and observing the real world and how I would see it in my world, and what I would change about it,” the young artist spoke about his newest creation with nftnow. 

Fewocious is considered one of the best NFT artists to date, and his yearly earnings gross over $17 million annually. The teenager has already sold at least 3,189 pieces of art for $8,329 each on average. His art is valued at over $26.5 million. The 19-year old partnered with RTFKT art studio and released a shoe collection, raising $3 million in seven minutes.

The ‘Paint’ sale began on April 3, and Fewocious’ NFT holders were able to mint first for $500 per paint drop. Currently, the public sale is on and ends on April 4, 5 PM ET, with each unit priced at $1,000. At the time of writing, 25,819 ‘Paints’ have already been purchased, raising over $13 million. 

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