Phishing Websites Impersonate NFT Paris Official Website, Ask to Connect Your Wallet

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Scammers are getting more creative as they now get ads on Google to promote their nefarious business and use Google to do their work for them.

Phishing websites pretending to be the official NFT Paris website are running Google Ads in hopes of scamming people interested in the event, NFT Paris warns in a tweet. Unlike the official NFT Paris website, websites with go-nftparis and nftpariz domains ask users to connect their wallets, most likely to access the funds of the potential event participants.

Google Ad showing the fake event website.

NFT Paris organizers are reminding everyone there is no way to connect crypto wallets to their website.

This seems to be the case of an NFT phishing scam where a nefarious agent aims to get a victim’s personal information and empty their crypto wallet of their assets.

Another Twitter user mentioned seeing tickets appearing on OpenSea as well. However, upon inspection, we have only managed to find Proof of Attendance NFTs from last year’s event, NFT Paris Day, held in April 2022.

NFT Paris is a web3 conference that is happening later this week. The event takes place between Feb. 24 and 25 at The Grand Palais in Paris. The choice of the location is no mere coincidence as it is considered “the most iconic reception institution in France. It is the cultural and artistic epicenter of the French capital, born from the Universal Exposition of 1900 that saw the rise of countless innovation.” 

Attendees will be able to listen to speakers like Yuga Labs’ Co-Founder Greg Solano, Doodles’ CEO Julian Holguin, SuperRare’s founder John Crain, and World of Women’s Head of Philanthropy Inna Modja.

This occurrence is a reminder that it’s more important than ever to stay vigilant on the internet. Always remember to ensure that you’re on legitimate websites and don’t do anything that could jeopardize your funds.

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