Tony Hawk, American professional skateboarder and actor.

Tony Hawk, American professional skateboarder and actor.

Tony Hawk Introduces the Last Trick NFT Collection to Commemorate Career Advancement and Significant Steps
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Tony Hawk, sportsman, famous skateboarder. He is one of those people that everyone has heard of, but no one knows exactly what they do. This is because his contribution to the NFT world has not yet been made, but he is eagerly awaited.

Tony Hawk plans to make a video of him doing one of his famous stunts for the last time, combined with a video of him doing the exact same stunt 30 years ago.

We can’t say exactly how much this NFT will cost, but given the status of a skateboarder, we can definitely say that the price will be quite high.

Personal Brand Presence4/ 10
Authoritativeness3/ 10
Expertise6/ 10
Influence7/ 10
Overall Rating5/ 10

In 2022


“Varial 5”, “Gymnast Plant,” “Magic Dance,” “Front Cabin,” and “Finger Flip” will be among Hawke’s most recent NFT tricks. The early access deadline for the collection has been extended from December 14 to December 16. Tony Hawk’s “Last Trick” compilation by Autograph will go on sale today at 5:21 a.m. EST. The NFT’s official release date is December 2021, with an early access period reserved for Tony Hawk Pre-Season Pass owners.

The tricks, according to the website, have been minted into 16,600 digital collectibles, with each NFT having a different level of rarity. Carbon, platinum, emerald, sapphire, and ruby are the rarity levels in the Last Trick NFT collection. Some of them have been dubbed “Immortal Statues,” and some NFT collectibles are also linked to a “mystery container.”

“It’s humiliating to see these tricks resurface in the digital age even after I’ve finished my last ones,” Hawke concluded. “It allows fans to relive their favorite moments in a new way.”

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