Su Zhu, Co-founder, CEO and chief investment officer of Three Arrows Capital

Su Zhu, Co-founder, CEO and chief investment officer of Three Arrows Capital

Su Zhu is a co-founder, chief executive officer, and chief investment officer of Three Arrows Capital, a Singapore-based hedge fund that specializes in cryptocurrencies. In 2012, Kyle Davies, a former high school friend, and Zhu established the business. At the kitchen table of their shared residence in Singapore, the two co-founders, who are currently among the biggest cryptocurrency investors, started their relationship. They formed Three Arrows Capital, a business that is today worth billions of dollars.

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Zhu graduated with honors from Columbia University in New York with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Zhu and Davies had worked for Credit Suisse as traders before going it alone. Zhu also had a brief spell in 2012 working as a trader for Deutsche Bank in Hong Kong. He spent more than two years with Flow Traders in Singapore, which was one of his first employment.


Su Zhu was arrested at Singapore’s Changi airport, Teneo, the company’s liquidator, said. Due to ties inside the sector, the hedge fund’s failure in 2022 had a swift impact that resulted in a second crypto winter. Zhu was sentenced to four months in prison by a committal order, along with co-founder Kyle Davies, for not following a court order.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore banned Zhu and Davies from owning or operating any registered capital markets company for nine years earlier in September. The two received criticism in May from Dubai’s cryptocurrency authority for running OPNX, a bankruptcy exchange, as an unlicensed exchange. Additionally, a New York court’s subpoenas about the closure of 3AC have been ignored by Davies. The pair’s new initiative saw a 21% decline in its native coin, and its market capitalization dropped to $40 million.


Zhu tweeted: “I’m only going to make one prediction for 2022 and it’s that at least 10 nation-states will make BTC legal cash.” Zhu made the statement regarding the adoption of Bitcoin in 2022. He hasn’t said much about Ethereum, likely because, as he stated in late 2021, he thinks the network needs a lot of work to reduce fees. Zhu is nevertheless optimistic about cryptocurrencies in general, calling them “the most significant mega-trend of our times.”

Zhu has been tweeting a lot about mosquitoes this year, offering tips on how to effectively get rid of them, much to the amusement of cryptocurrency aficionados who follow him on social media.

Fans immediately called attention to Zhu’s recent obsession and made jokes about “mosquito” standing for an unidentified cryptographic idea.

Overall, Zhu is anticipated to keep supporting ground-breaking initiatives and projects. Early in 2022, Three Arrows Capital revealed it had organized a private token sale for Near Protocol, an Ethereum rival. Major crypto-focused funds including Dragonfly Capital, Jump, Alameda, and others took part in the funding round, which raised $150 million to accelerate Web3 adoption. It is quite likely that Zhu will continue to look for and promote alternatives that deal with Ethereum’s fundamental problems given his earlier reservations about the platform.

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  • Zhu Su, co-founder of bankrupt cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), has been arrested in Singapore and sentenced to four months in prison for failing to comply with a court order related to the liquidation of the fund. His co-founder, Kyle Davies, remains missing.
  • Chinese fintech giant Ant Group has launched a finance-specific generative AI model, Zhixiaobao and Zhixiaozhu, for consumer and professional applications. The AI models are designed for financial professionals and aim to answer financial queries. Ant Group’s entry into the AI market follows Tencent and Xiaomi’s announcements, and Alibaba’s affiliate, Alibaba, also ventured into AI. The launch is subject to regulatory approval in China.

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