Robert Leshner, Founder and CEO of Compound Labs

Robert Leshner, Founder and CEO of Compound Labs

Entrepreneur and innovator located in San Francisco is Robert Leshner. In 2017, he co-founded the DeFi platform Compound, a protocol for Ethereum money markets. Leshner holds a chartered financial analyst designation and holds an economics degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Leshner and his team set out to demonstrate to users how their personal data was being stolen and utilized by businesses for financial advantage with their pioneering project, Safe Shepherd. Long before government agencies started to crack down on commercial enterprises’ use of personal data, the Safe Shepherd team was assisting in the removal of online personal information.

As the head of Postmates’ merchant section, Leshner has also worked for the well-known food delivery service. He and Geoff Hayes co-founded Compound in August 2017. Over $33.2 million was successfully raised in two investment rounds. In June 2021, the COMP token, the company’s token, reached a high price of $231 per unit, solidifying its position as one of the fundamental pillars of DeFi.

In 2022


The bug problem with Compound highlighted a few of the flaws inherently present in DeFi platforms. The problem created quite a commotion in the DeFi community and put around $150 million worth of COMP at risk of an outside attack. Nevertheless, despite the fact that most of the money was really returned, it was a significant learning opportunity that Compound and the majority of the community embraced.

The majority of the time, Leshner has Compound’s future growth in mind, saying that “Compound Labs plans to expand Compound Treasury into a primary bridge between traditional financial markets and DeFi, and provide new research/products for the Compound community to use, alter, and adopt.” As a result, Compound will probably continue to be a significant platform in the DeFi market in 2022.

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